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Skincare Is a Service National Certification Course

Skincare Is a Service National Certification Course


The global skincare market is expected to rise to $185.5 billion dollars by 2027.1 Clinical skincare products make up 34% of U.S. skincare sales generated by medical providers2 and 66%3 of people say that a dermatologist or skin health professional recommendation is important when purchasing skincare.

How can you stand out in this crowded space with the competition from other professionals, the internet, and brick and mortar stores?

It's not what you sell but how you service patients and clients. People can have a transaction with anyone or anywhere, but delivering an experience, a helpful act that contributes to the well-being of clients and patients is service. With 80% of outcomes coming from what patients and clients do, or do not do, at home to care for their skin, we want to help ensure that they achieve their goals in a meaningful way.

During this course, we will cover the concept of Skincare is a Service, learn how to educate patients on the importance that skincare plays in their results, and equip you and your team with a methodology and approach to provide Skincare as a Service. Together we will identify the opportunity, learn our Colorescience A.R.E.M.R. approach, and discuss your plan to implement Skincare Is a Service in your practice.

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