Supply Chain Manager

Carlsbad, CA
We are currently looking for an effective, knowledgeable, and committed Supply Chain Manager to oversee and improve our supply chain operations. This is a critical role in our organization, charged with increasing efficiency and reducing product and inventory carrying costs, improving vendor delivery performance, maintaining exceptional quality, and facilitating the development of new products. Our ideal candidate will have an analytical mind coupled with a strong business acumen directed toward a commitment to excellence and efficiency.
Problem-solving skills and attention to detail are non-negotiable attributes for this role. An individual contributor with exceptional management skills, approachability, clarity in giving direction and delegating responsibilities, and an ability to see the big picture will ensure success in this position. Our overall goal is to find the right person to assure a smooth, efficient supply chain.
Supply Chain Manager Duties and Responsibilities
• Responsible for providing 99%+ product availability from planning and purchasing, raw materials and component acquisition through 3rd party manufacturing and 3PL distribution 
• Oversee creation of processes and methods to gather and process supply chain data, identifying problematic areas and suggesting improvements
• Develop a supply chain strategy that supports corporate strategy
• Design and implement necessary supply chain optimization projects that support the supply chain strategy
• Develop requirements and standards for each stage of the supply chain (e.g. procurement, shipping, etc.)
• Analyze, optimize, and oversee purchasing & RFQ’s, planning, BOM’s and product costing, inventory management, and distribution procedures
• Find the most cost-effective shipping modes and schedules
• Assess vendor operations according to quality benchmarks and standards, and delivery performance
• Foster strong partnerships with vendors and third-party manufacturing and distribution partners
• Work with internal department team leads to implement efficient forecasting and communication systems
• Track KPIs and generate reports for supply chain performance
Supply Chain Manager Requirements and Qualifications
• BS/BA in Logistics, Business Management, Supply Chain Management, or a relevant field
• Significant work experience as a Supply Chain Manager, Analyst, Logistics Coordinator or other similar role
• Exceptional organizational and multitasking skills with a strong attention to detail
• Understanding of supply chain strategy that supports corporate goals
• Proficient understand of all levels of the supply chain processes (e.g. MRP, inventory and warehouse management) 
• Ability to manage all aspects of supply chain, from product development to the shipment of finished goods.
• Strong working knowledge of Microsoft Office with advanced Excel skills, relational databases, and ERP systems (Aptean Intuitive ERP experience a plus)
• Analytical mindset coupled with a strong business acumen
• Aptitude for problem solving and troubleshooting
• Strong negotiation skills and experience
• Exceptional communication skills, both written and verbal
• Training in/experience with ISO 9000, FDA, GMP, lean manufacturing strongly considered
• OTC drug, international shipping, consumer goods and packaging experience a plus