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Sunscreen With Bronzer

Glow like your inner goddess while protecting your skin with sunscreen with bronzer from Colorescience. Our two-in-one formula helps you achieve that sun-kissed look without paying the price in UV damage that’s harmful to skin. Sunscreen bronzer preserves skin vitality and its youthful appearance while emulating a summertime tan all year long.




Many are under the impression that we need to spend hours in the sun to achieve a radiant glow. That’s because exposure to ultraviolet light causes melanocytes—the cells responsible for melanin production, the pigment that darkens skin—to kick into overdrive.

When melanin spreads throughout skin tissue and creates that coveted tan, it’s actually your body’s way of trying to protect itself from the damaging effects of UV light. Free radicals—or, unstable particles in the body generated by its response to various environmental aggressors—weaken the skin’s structural integrity, leading to hyperpigmentation, wrinkles, fine lines, and cellular damage.

To prevent premature aging and, worst of all, skin cancer, daily skin protection is a non-negotiable must. Colorescience makes it possible to get the best of both worlds with sunscreen bronzer. We offer several products for beautifully tinted protection:

Our products help defend against UV rays as well as infrared (IR) light, blue light, and pollution, so you can ward off a wrinkled, brittle complexion and keep skin feeling smooth, soft, and beautifully supple. Mineral sunscreens are known to be whitening, but Colorescience conquers that concern by adding a tint to our products for a bronzed, finished look.



Bronzing products emulate a tan by warmly tinting skin and transforming a lackluster appearance into a radiant glow. You’ll look as though you just got back from a tropical vacation, but your nourished, healthy skin will have nothing bad to show for it. No next-day wrinkles or overnight sunspots, only a vibrancy that appears to roll back years off the clock.

Some sunscreen tanning lotions and stains work by absorbing into the skin because they use chemicals, but our all-mineral, non-invasive product is designed to rest on top of the skin’s outer layer. The formula contains pearlescent pigments that create a healthy, shimmery look without any of the damage. We also added rich doses of nutrients to hydrate skin, making it soft to the touch, and ingredients that defend against environmental aggressors.

When you want to achieve a stronger golden glow, you can simply dust our mineral bronzer across the areas you’d like to highlight to complete your sun-kissed look.



Anyone who wants to show up to the beach or pool already looking like they’ve spent a day sunbathing should try our sunscreen bronzer! It’s the safest, healthiest way to protect your skin while appearing tanned to golden perfection. We offer facial sunscreen for oily skin that also suits sensitive skin and dry skin types—so you never need to worry about worsening your complexion when applying essential SPF.

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