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Watching fine lines etch themselves into wrinkles then turn into grooves is no fun at all — so halt the process in its tracks with an advanced wrinkle remover serum from Colorescience. Our powerful formulas are clinically tested and shown to reduce the signs of aging, thereby restoring your youthful glow and radiant reflection in the mirror.




Removing fine lines can feel like an impossible task — especially if you’ve tried every product in the cosmetic aisle — but Colorescience is here to bust the myth and show you that you don’t have to be stuck with them forever! Now, you can leverage our advanced wrinkle remover to repair and defend against the visible signs of aging.

Simply purchase our Pep Up® Collagen Renewal Face & Neck treatment and dispense two pumps after cleansing your face while your pores are still open. When the product is wet, gently tap it into your troubled areas to press the wrinkle remover serum into your skin so it can absorb more efficiently.

Have crow’s feet on your face around your eyes? We have a solution for that, too! Our Total Eye® 3-in-1 remover acts as an instant wrinkle remover thanks to its slightly tinted formula that blurs and fills fine lines. It also works as a dark circle cream to lighten your under-eyes while the cooling applicator combats eye bag puffiness.

For a more intensive treatment, add the Total Eye® Restore Regimen to your everyday beauty routine. Not only does it contain the proprietary 3-in-1 formula, but it also contains the Total Eye® Concentrate and Total Eye® Hydrogen Masks. These immediate wrinkle removers provide fast-acting results following an indulgent, relaxing treatment.



Some people think you need to get expensive treatments from a professional to remove wrinkles, but with Colorescience wrinkle remover, you don’t need to turn to harsh chemical peels or invasive fillers. The best treatments are the safest ones, not ones that cause intense peeling or adverse allergic reactions. You can count on Colorescience to always provide customers with healthy cosmetics and skincare products formulated with natural ingredients.



The Colorescience Pep Up® wrinkle remover is clinically-proven to work on account of its exclusive blend of 10 potent peptides and advanced antioxidants. Hyaluronic acid delivers rich doses of hydration to nourish depleted skin cells, plumping them back up to their voluminous state, and plant-based extracts make your skin incredibly soft and smooth to the touch. Together, they both prevent future signs of aging while repairing the damage that’s already been done.

If you’re looking for a wrinkle remover for the eye area, you can count on the nutrient-rich ingredients in the Total Eye® system to do the job. Blended with microalgae, polysaccharides, vitamins, and peptides, this formula stimulates collagen production and revitalizes skin back to a more youthful state. If you want to conceal sun spots or any other imperfections that obscure your radiant glow, add safe makeup to the mix to achieve a flawless look that dials back the clock.

Say bye to stubborn, fine lines and hello to a new you when using Colorescience’s powerful wrinkle remover.

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