Loose Mineral Bronzer - LAST CALL

Loose Mineral Bronzer - LAST CALL


Colorescience face enhancements are designed to be weighlessly layered and blended for natural, long-lasting, finishing, highlighting and coutouring colore. Allow your look to be as natural or as dramatic as you choose. Our Mineral Bronzer adds richness and warmth to your complexion.


  • Adds richness & warmth to the complexion
  • Layers & blends beautifully for a healthy glow
  • Convenient self-dispensing, portable brush

How to use

Sweep brush in circular motion to release powder on face and neck. Use small, tight circles to dispense more powder and large, broad strokes for more sheer coverage.


Specialty Ingredients
Vitamins A & E - Antioxidants
Pearl Powder - Rich in amino acids & minerals to help skin appear radiant & smooth, imparts a healthy glow while minimizing the appearance of uneven skin tone
Oat Powder - Soothing & conditioning

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Learn about how to use our unique, self-dispensing brush
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