Looks Like   Nothing.

Protects from   Everything.

No-Show™ Mineral is the sheerest-of-the-sheer, all-mineral sunscreen that blends into skin so beautifully you'll forget it’s there.

It delivers untinted, all-mineral, high-performance protection, with the optimal aesthetic appearance that looks like nothing but your skin!

Next-gen zinc oxide

This barely-there sunscreen features advanced non-nano zinc oxide (10%) that is optimized to deliver high-performance protection without the white cast.


This ultra-lightweight formula starts as a white liquid and effortlessly blends sheer for a hydrating, velvety-soft finish with zero transfer.


Silver ear mushroom extract, significantly more hydrating than hyaluronic acid, provides immediate hydration and improves skin's natural ability to retain moisture.


This all-mineral SPF 50 formula is 40-minute water and sweat-resistant. Suitable for men, women, children, face, body, and hands — it's the do-it-all essential!

the science

Total Protection™ Like You’ve Never Seen Before.

We're able to achieve the unbelievable No-Show™ aesthetic by using a zinc oxide with a more controlled and consistent particle size. This consistent size combined with improved stabilization of the zinc oxide particles helps enhance the dispersion performance which reduces the appearance of white cast that is commonly associated with other all-mineral sunscreens.

Never compromise again on skin that is protected, perfected, and looks like skin.

Unparalleled Technology Makes Mineral Invisible Standard all-mineral sunscreens often leave a white cast on the skin for two reasons:

One reason is large primary particle size, which scatters light and causes whiteness. Too much scattering causes visible white cast.

Zinc Figure 1

Fig. 1   Large particle size results in excess scatter causing visible white cast

The other reason is smaller particles that aren’t properly stabilized clump together—or, agglomerate—causing scatter equivalent to that of a larger particle.

Zinc Figure 2

Fig. 2   Unstabilized small particle size leads to agglomeration resulting in excess scatter that causes visible white cast

The “invisible” No-Show™ Mineral aesthetic is achieved through both:

  1. Careful control over particle size distribution (small, non-nano size + tight range)
  2. Superior stabilization that maintains even dispersion of particles which prevents visible white cast
No Show Figure 3

Fig. 3   Our proprietary, coated zinc oxide particles are more uniform in size and evenly dispersed to reduce scatter, resulting in no white cast

Overprotection is an understatement.

This 100% all-mineral formula features EnviroScreen® Technology to go way beyond UV and provide unmatched protection against sun and pollution, so you're shielded from:

sun icon


Provides Broad Spectrum SPF 50/PA++++

pollution defense icon


Provides protection from pollution exposure

blue light icon


Provides protection against blue light

infrared icon


Helps minimize damage caused by infrared radiation

see what the Experts are Saying

It really feels like it’s just disappearing on my skin as I apply it. It's got a really silky finish.
Jessie Pasquarello

Licensed Advanced Practice Aesthetician, CLT

Robertson Cosmetic Center

It’s not greasy feeling. It feels really nice and it soaks in right away
Dr. Rachael Delahoussaye-Shields, MD

Board Certified Dermatologist

Sanctuary Dermatology

It feels so hydrating, so lightweight. I know what my new summer sunscreen is
Katya Hohner

Marketing Assistant

Advanced Dermatology

Men, kids, everybody’s going to love this one. Colorescience did it again. Am I surprised? Not at all
Rachel Barfield

Business Development & Front Office Manager

The Genesis Company

I don’t have any kind of residue, any kind of purple or white hue on my face. A lot of my texture and skin tone clients are going to be more than happy about this
Marcella Anderson, RN, BSN

Aesthetic Nurse & Microblading/Permanent Makeup

Columbus Aesthetic & Plastic Surgery

It feels so smooth and silky. I feel like it’s really hydrating my skin. This is an absolute game changer
Nicole Rosen

Operations Manager

Behr Laser & Skin Care Center

It doesn’t have a smell, which is very important. Game changer!
Elizabeth Grieshaber, MD

Board Certified Dermatologist

Sanctuary Dermatology

Wow! It feels so silky and light. I love the way it feels
Barbara Taylor

Retail & Marketing Manager

Calkin & Boudreaux Dermatology