4 Reasons Why You Should Be Applying Sunscreen with a Brush

You know you should be wearing sun protection daily, but traditional sunscreens are messy, greasy, and don’t travel well. These frustrating issues make it easy to rationalize skipping sunscreen altogether. With skin cancer rates on the rise, you can’t afford to remain unprotected. One in five Americans will develop skin cancer during their lifetime and over the past three decades, more people have had skin cancer than all other cancers combined (source).

If that’s not enough to convince you to wear sunscreen, this stat might do the trick: 90% of the visible signs of skin aging are caused by the sun, meaning fine lines and wrinkles, and dark spots can all be prevented with the use of proper sun protection.

We’ve solved the traditional issues with sun protection with our Brush-on Sunscreen SPF 50, so you no longer have an excuse! Here are the four top reasons why you need a brush in your life.

Applying sunscreen with a brush

1 – Makes Your Makeup Look Better

Not only does our Brush-on Sunscreen not mess up your makeup, but it also makes your makeup look better. You’ll forget you’re even applying sunscreen, because the brush feels like a finishing powder. You can then use it as a touchup throughout the day not only to protect your skin, but also to improve the look of your complexion and eliminate shine.


“You can’t reapply any other SPF throughout the day, but with this you can all day long. It has a really pretty finish as well,” says vlogger SugarPuffAndFluff.

It’s such a game-changer that we’ve recently won an InStyle Best of Beauty Award for the third year in a row! “Caught outside unexpectedly? You can apply protection over makeup. This formula feeds through a fluffy brush, making it a dream to apply. And while it feels weightless on skin, it can get rid of midday shine too,” says InStyle Beauty Editors.

“If you don’t like to put traditional sunscreen on, you’ll love the Colorescience Brush-on Sunscreen SPF 50,” says Dr. Kim Butterwick, of Cosmetic Laser Dermatology in La Jolla.
“It makes our patients look great, but more importantly it’s going to protect their skin from premature aging and skin cancer,” says Dr. Christopher Ha, of Roseville Dermatology.
Makeup in water

2 – Powder Sits on Top of the Skin

Most sunscreens on the market are made with chemical active ingredients (look for “benzones” in the ingredient list). These ingredients absorb into the skin to provide sun protection. This can cause irritation, and in some cases even skin damage. Colorescience sunscreen powder is made with pure Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide. The minerals sit on top of the skin, creating a physical barrier. This ensures non-irritating, broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection.

I have sensitive skin myself and I have not had any issues with the Colorescience Brush-on Sunscreen. The product stays on the surface of the skin and doesn’t absorb,” says Dr. Kafele T. Hodari, of Rejuvene.
 Colorescience sunscreen in purse

3 – Travels Well

The self-dispensing brush provides a clean, non-greasy and hands-free way to apply and reapply. Simply pull off the cap and swirl onto your skin for complete protection in less than 30 seconds. Ideal for the active and on the go, it fits right into your purse, back pocket, or gym bag. We recommend our Multipack so that you can keep one in the car, in your purse, and in your bathroom.

“Before I head home, I’m going to reapply my sunscreen in the car. It’s a fantastic way to reapply your sunscreen on the go,” says Dr. Allison Arthur, of Sand Lake Dermatology.
“I have stashes of this brush everywhere. I actually carry some in my car, in my workout bag, and tell all my patients about it,” says Dr. Melanie Palm, of Art of Skin MD.
 Brush for applying sunscreen

4 – Non-messy

Have you ever tried to apply white liquid sunscreen to yourself or your kids in the car and ended up with white fingerprints on your interior? Application on the go doesn’t have to cause added stress and anxiety. The powder stays in the brush until you apply it directly to your skin, eliminating mess - no more spills or greasy door handles!

“With Colorescience sunscreen it’s an easy application with the brush versus dirty hands and reapplying creams,” according to Aesthetic Physician Doriana Cosgrove, MD.
“When I use traditional sunscreens, cream-based or oil-based, I routinely break out. What I love about Colorescience is I can put it in the pocket of my cycling jersey and as I’m riding down the road, pull it out and quickly apply. If I’m on a bike and my hands are wet and slippery, I can’t hold on to the handle bar or shift gears, it’s also a safety factor,” says Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Brian Lee, MD.

Now that you know what makes our Brush-on Sunscreen such a game-changer, you no longer have a reason to remain unprotected. Remember #ButFirstSunscreen before going outside and #AlwaysReapply throughout the day!