Yes. As of February 2017, we updated the product cartons for our top products with a new look. However, only the outer carton has changed. Inside, you’re still getting the same great products and ingredients that you know and love.

We think the new design better reflects the purpose of our mission – to provide products that have multiple benefits – sun protection, skin care benefits, and correction. Plus, we think the new design just looks great, and we hope you do too.

Our natural finish pressed foundation provides a buildable medium to full coverage.

We spent countless hours reformulating our shades to create neutral shades that will be a fit for more skin tones while simplifying the choice down to fewer options so that you are more likely to get the right shade on the first try. One significant change is that all of our shades are now neutral, while our previous shades incorporated either cool or warm undertones.

Shade Recommendations Based on Usage of Other Colorescience Products

If you already use our Tint du Soleil foundation or Brush-on Sunscreen, it’s easy to find your match, since you already know if you’re Light, Medium, Tan or Deep. If you’re new to Colorescience, first decide which of the four shades you fall under, and then read on.

Light will match with our Light Ivory shade. Deep will match with our Deep Mocha shade. Medium skin tones simply need to decide if they are on the lighter or darker side of medium: Medium Bisque is lighter; Medium Sand is darker. Tan skin tones also choose between two shades: Tan Natural as a lighter tan, and Tan Golden as a darker shade of tan. Since all shades are neutral, they blend seamlessly into the skin, matching a wide range of skin tones.

Shade Recommendations from Previous to New Shades
Previous Shade New Shade
Light as a Feather Light Ivoryor Light Beige
Pass the Butter Light Ivory
All Dolled Up Light Beige
All Even Medium Bisque
California Girl Medium Sunlight
Second Skin Light Beige (lighter)
Girl from Ipanema Tan Natural (darker)
Not Too Deep Medium Sand (lighter)
Taste of Honey Medium Sand (cooler undertone) Tan Natural (darker)
Toast of the Town Deep Mocha
Rich Mocha Deep Mocha

Over the years we have updated some of our product names and packaging as our Colorescience brand has evolved.

Our beloved Primers are now found under the SKIN PRIMERS Tab.

Our signature Sunforgettable SPF 30 & SPF 50 is now listed under UV PROTECTORS Tab. Brush-On format is the only available application method available.

Double check that the rubber band has been removed from the bristles. If you're still having trouble activating your brush, hold the brush with cap facing down and tap with moderate pressure on a hard surface 6-8 times. Then, remove cap, run your finger through the bristles and sweep the brush in small circular motions using moderate pressure on the back of your hand. Repeat as needed until powder flows consistently. Clean brush bristles weekly with our brush cleaning wipes for optimum use.

Click here for video demonstration

The FDA has established requirements for all over-the-counter drug products (sunscreens) to go through stability testing to assure products are stable and have appropriate expiry dating. All products with less than 3 years real time stability testing must include an expiry date on their packaging per federal regulations. After the product passes 3 year real time stability testing then a company has the choice to no longer include an expiry date as the testing supports stability for at least 3 years.

Some Colorescience® products are currently in stability testing and therefore are still required to have an expiry date until the 3 year mark is surpassed and products pass all stability requirements. Current products listing expiry date:

1. All Calm® Clinical Redness Corrector SPF 50

2. Sunforgettable® Total Protection® Face Shield Flex SPF 50

3. Total Protection® No-Show™ Mineral Sunscreen SPF 50

Colorescience formulas are 100% paraben free. In addition, all Colorescience® products are also 100% free from phthalates, synthetic fragrance, animal testing, talc, dyes, mineral oils, drying alcohols & chemical sunscreen.
Colorescience only uses the highest proprietary blend of minerals and no fragrances, no mineral oil, alcohol or talc and have sunscreen in most of our product line.
Colorescience does not conduct any animal testing and we are committed to the highest standards when choosing raw materials for our product formulations. We require non-animal testing statements on all raw materials before final formula approval.
It actually improves your lashes with panthenol and is a dry mascara versus a wet mascara which streaks. Remember to never pump mascara which dries it out and attributes to bacteria. All mascaras should be replaced every three months.
The concern with “powder” sunscreens has been the very small particle sizes used in some powder sunscreen formulations. The particle size that has risen concerns range in size from 1 and 100 nanometers. Colorescience can confirm that all of our Mineral Sunscreens have been tested and do not fall into the above mentioned small particle size.
SPF 30 is available either matte or shimmer and has more of a tint. It is also for active use and is water resistant. SPF 50 is matte with a light sheer tint. Both products need to be applied every 80 minutes.

Yes. Colorescience is in compliance with the new OTC sunscreen monograph.


Broad Spectrum designation. Sunscreens that pass FDA's broad spectrum test procedure, which measures a product's ultraviolet A (UVA) protection relative to its ultraviolet B (UVB) protection, may be labeled as "Broad Spectrum SPF [value]" on the front label.

Use claims. Only Broad Spectrum sunscreens with an SPF value of 15 or higher can claim to reduce the risk of skin cancer and early skin aging if used as directed with other sun protection measures. Non-Broad Spectrum sunscreens and Broad Spectrum sunscreens with an SPF value between 2 and 14 can only claim to help prevent sunburn.

"Waterproof," "sweatproof" or "sunblock" claims. Manufacturers cannot label sunscreens as "waterproof" or "sweatproof," or identify their products as "sunblocks," because these claims overstate their effectiveness. Sunscreens also cannot claim to provide sun protection for more than 2 hours without reapplication or to provide protection immediately after application.

Water resistance claims. Water resistance claims on the front label must indicate whether the sunscreen remains effective for 40 minutes or 80 minutes while swimming or sweating, based on standard testing. Sunscreens that are not water resistant must include a direction instructing consumers to use a water resistant sunscreen if swimming or sweating.

Drug Facts. All sunscreens must include standard "Drug Facts" information on the back and/or side of the container.

Our formulations change from time to time. The ingredient listings on our website are currently in distribution. If you bought our products elsewhere, they may be based on an older formulation. Please note that every Colorescience formulation contains efficacious ingredients and is formulated to be stable and safe.
The decision to discontinue the Sunforgettable refills was made primarily with our customers’ skin health in mind. Our Quality Control along with R&D teams were finding that the brush will tend to become slightly clogged little by little after being used over an extended period of time (even when cleaned regularly). When this happens, the customer does not get an ample amount of powder dispensing from the brush, causing them to not be fully protected.

In regards to the pressed foundation compact refills the decision to not offer this item moving forward was made because we found looking at the sales volume that most customers preferred a new compact each time.
Colorescience strives to provide outstanding products that are efficacious while also safe for our consumers. For individuals with allergy concerns or women who are pregnant, lactating or planning to become pregnant, it is always best to check with your physician to advise on a list of what products/ingredients should be avoided and then cross-reference to our ingredient lists on our website. We always recommend double checking with your physician to make sure there is nothing you have any heightened sensitivities to while pregnant.

We carefully select the partners that we authorize to sell our products to ensure that you always receive a safe and consistent experience with Colorescience products. Click here to see our Authorized Sellers page for more information.

Due to the limited nature of free samples and availability at our distribution center, we regret that we are unable to reship free samples if they arrive damaged, or if one or more free samples is missing from your order.
Colorescience products are formulated with the highest quality, clinically proven ingredients that are produced in FDA compliant facilities here in the USA. As recent events and macro-economic factors have led to continued increases in raw material costs as well as manufacturing and shipping fees, price adjustments were necessary on certain products.


The Colorescience Subscription program allows you to automatically receive and save 15% off your favorite Colorescience products. Your subscription orders will ship according to your desired frequency – every 45, 60, or 90 days – ensuring you never run out of your Colorescience essentials.
It's easy. Simply log in to your account on and click on the 'My Subscriptions' link. You will see a list of all your product subscriptions. Click on 'Subscriptions' and then the 'Edit' link next the product you would like to modify. Select 'Change delivery schedule' to select your desired shipment frequency. Remember to press the 'Save' button once your changes have been made.
It's easy. Simply log in to your account on and click on the 'My Subscriptions' link. Once there, select 'Delivery schedule' on the product subscription you would like to edit and select 'Change next charge date.' Select the date you would like your order to be charged and processed for shipment and click 'Save' when you are done. The date you selected should now be listed as the next date in your delivery schedule. Please note: On rare occasions, our shipping warehouse may experience unexpected delays due to unforeseen circumstances so if you need your subscription product in time for a very important date, please ensure that you modify your order date well in advance to ensure you receive your product in time.
It's easy. Simply log in to your account on and click on the 'My Subscriptions' link, and then 'Billing Information.' There, you can select 'Update card' to edit the credit card information on file, or 'Edit' beneath your billing information, to edit your billing name and address.
It's easy. Simply log in to your account on and click on the 'My Subscriptions' link. Then under 'Subscriptions' there will be a 'Cancel' link next to each product you're subscribed to. Select 'Cancel' and then select a reason for cancellation and click 'Cancel Subscription.'
If we happen to be running a site-wide sale during the time your subscription order is processed, we’ll automatically apply the better discount to your order, meaning you always receive the lowest price possible. For example, if we are running 30% off site-wide sale on the day your order is processed, you will receive 30% off that particular subscription order instead the standard 15% subscription discount. This way you can easily set and forget your subscriptions with the confidence that you will always receive the best price.

It's easy. Simply log in to your Colorescience account and click 'My Subscriptions' and then the 'Subscriptions' link. You can edit the shipping address on any future order by clicking 'Edit' next to the subscription you'd like to change. Once there, click 'Edit' beneath the shipping address listed to update your information. Be sure to click 'Save' once complete.

By signing up for the Colorescience subscription program, you authorize us to charge the credit card you've saved on file and ship product to you at the frequency you have selected (45, 60, 90 or 120 days). It is your responsibility to manage shipments and cancel scheduled shipments ahead of time, before they are sent out, if they are not wanted. Any returns processed on subscription renewal orders will be subject to a restocking fee of 15% of the purchase price.
No, subscription orders cannot be completed with Afterpay. Any order that includes a subscription item must be purchased with a debit/credit card.


To ensure that orders get to our customers as quickly as possible, our system begins processing orders as soon as they are placed. As a result, most orders cannot be cancelled after they have been placed. In some cases, if you contact us immediately (during business hours) we may be able to cancel/modify an order but cannot guarantee so and Colorescience is not responsible for lack of cancellation.

If we are unable to cancel your order, we will provide you with instructions for returning your order and receiving a full refund upon receipt.
Please visit our Returns page to review our return policy details.

You may contact our Colorescience Concierge team at We are available from 8am to 4pm Pacific, Monday through Friday.

To initiate a return or exchange, please contact our Colorescience Concierge team by email at

  • Refunds for items returned within 30 days of the purchase date will be made in the form of the original payment minus shipping costs.
  • Please be advised that any product adverse reactions returns do require extra processing time and completion of data collection form to ensure compliance to regulatory requirements
  • Please note that it can take up to 10 business days to process a return or exchange. Processing times can be extended within 6 weeks of sitewide promotional periods due to high volume. Please allow up to two billing cycles for a refund to appear on your credit card statement.
  • No refunds or exchanges will be accepted on final sale items.
  • Returns on subscription replenishment orders will be subject to a restocking fee of 15% of the purchase price. Please visit our Returns page to review details of our full return policy.
If you purchased an item at regular price within the last 14 days and that item has since been further reduced due to a sale or promotion, you will be eligible for a price adjustment. Unfortunately, we do not conduct price adjustments for orders placed more than 14 days ago.

If you have received the wrong product, please email our Colorescience Concierge team within 72 hours of receiving the incorrect item at


You can create an account by clicking 'LOGIN' at the top right of our website and then 'NEW CUSTOMER REGISTRATION.' You can also select 'Save this information for next time' during checkout, and you will receive an email with instructions to verify your account and complete activation.

To edit your account information, Sign In to your account by clicking on My Account located at the top right of the Colorescience site. Then, click on My Profile to make changes to your account.

You can reset your password by clicking the Forgot Your Password link, or from the Sign In page, select "Forgot Your Password".

To view your order history, Sign In to your account on our website. Then, click on My Orders. If you do not see your order(s) listed, please email our Colorescience Concierge team at


We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, AfterPay, PayPal, Apple Pay, and Amazon Pay. charges sales tax on all U.S. orders. Sales tax will automatically be calculated and added to your order during checkout.
If you have a questions about your invoice, please email us at
If you need a copy of your invoice, please email us at and include your order number.
Your credit card will be charged once your order has shipped.
In order to use a discount code with ApplePay or PayPal as payment methods, you must add your desired item to cart and go to checkout. When you're in checkout:
- Go to Payment
- Add your discount code in the "discount code" text box.
- Click payment method button of your choice in the Express Checkout section and follow the prompts to checkout. You may need to return to the “information” page on checkout to see express checkout options.
Afterpay splits your order total into 4 interest-free payments instead of paying all at once. When you select Afterpay as a payment option at checkout, you will be prompted to create an account with Afterpay to complete your purchase. All orders over $35 are eligible to use Afterpay, except subscription orders and gift cards.
Payment methods such as Apple Pay and Paypal can override the shipping and or billing address listed in your Colorescience order with the address listed on your Apple Pay and Paypal account, therefore causing your order to be shipped to an outdated address. Please confirm shipping and billing address before completing your order. Refused packages will be charged a Non-Delivery Fee of 15% of the value of the order. The Non-Delivery fee will be charged to the payment form selected during checkout and will be subtracted from any refund.


Yes, gift cards can be combined with a discount.
Our eGift Card confirmation emails contain a code that is unique to each gift card. The gift card can be redeemed by submitting that code into the “discount code” section at checkout.
Yes, you can use more than one gift card during checkout. When you enter a gift card into the field at checkout, it will be saved and look almost like a tag. The field then becomes available, giving you the opportunity to add another gift card code.
No, Colorescience eGift Cards cannot be reloaded.
No, Colorescience eGift Cards are only valid on
No, Colorescience eGift Cards do not expire.
Yes, the original email that sends you the gift card will include a link to check the balance on that card.
No, Colorescience gift card purchases do not include free samples.
No, the shipping fee does not apply to e-gift cards.
Any product available on is eligible for purchase with a gift card. Gift cards cannot be used to purchase other gift cards. Gift cards may not be resold, refunded, or redeemed for cash.
Gift cards may be used on multiple orders, until there is no monetary value left on the gift card. If your purchase value exceeds the value of your gift card, you will be asked for an additional secondary payment.
No, gift cards do not qualify for any discounts, including sitewide sales. The minimum spend amount for free gifts with purchase does not include any gift card purchases.
Lasting Beauty Rewards points can be earned when purchasing a gift card.
Any amount of the order that is paid for by gift card does not accrue points, but the rest of the purchase will accrue points.
No, gift cards cannot be purchased with Afterpay. Gift cards must be purchased with a debit/credit card.
If you are experiencing any issues with your gift card or have any questions, please contact our Concierge team at


You will receive an email containing tracking information once your order has shipped. You can also track your order, once it has shipped, through the 'MY ORDERS' section of your online account.
Standard shipping is always free with orders $75+. Lasting Beauty Rewards Insider and Elite members get free shipping on all orders. Expedited shipping options available may vary, and charges will depend on the expedited method selected.
'Fast Shipping' is available for a flat fee of $10. This option expedites the rate at which an order is delivered once shipped. Please note, this option will not accelerate the order processing time of 2-3 business days, prior to release for shipment.
We currently do not offer international shipping and are unable to support shipping to APO/FPO addresses overseas. We also cannot ship to PO Boxes as UPS requires a physical address where someone can sign for the shipment. However, Colorescience products can be found in several countries around the world. To locate Colorescience products near you, please visit our International page.

If you are shipping through an International Courier Service or a freight forwarder, we are not responsible for final destination delivery of goods. Once delivery verification has been reported by our domestic delivery service (US Postal, FedX, UPS) we are unable to reship or refund for packages not received.
Once delivery verification has been reported by our domestic delivery service (US Postal, FedEX, UPS) the address at checkout was provided accurately, we are unable to reship or refund for packages not received. Since Colorescience is not responsible for lost or stolen packages, we recommend you or someone you trust be present to receive your shipment.

If you are shipping through an International Courier Service or a freight forwarder, we are not responsible for final destination delivery of goods.

In the event that delivery verification has not been reported by our domestic delivery service (US Postal, FedEX, UPS),and the address at checkout was provided accurately, a complimentary reship can be made at discretion of our customer concierge team. Once the complimentary reship has been received, the order is considered final sale and is not eligible for a refund or exchange.
If an item is missing from your order, please email us at and include your order number listed in PO# field on the packing slip or email confirmation.
We unconditionally guarantee our products to be free of manufacturing defects for 90 days from the date of purchase when used as directed and maintained between 35° and 105° Fahrenheit. If you feel that you have received damaged goods, please email within 24 hours of receipt and include your order number so that a damage claim can be processed.
Your feedback is important to us. If you wish to report a complaint, please email
Orders shipping to P.O. boxes must be shipped via Economy Shipping (Free with orders $75+) or Priority Mail (HI & AK only). For all other shipping methods, please be sure to provide an actual street address for delivery. Orders submitted with P.O. Box for shipping address and shipped via Ground/Air will be downgraded to Economy Shipping.
Refused packages will be charged a Non-Delivery Fee of 15% of the value of the order. The Non-Delivery fee will be charged to the payment form selected during checkout and will be subtracted from any refund. For additional questions and concerns regarding a refused package, contact for assistance.
Once delivery verification has been reported by our domestic delivery service (US Postal Service, DHL, UPS) we are unable to reship or issue refunds for packages not received. You may contact the delivery carrier and request a package forward. Please confirm shipping and billing address before completing your order. Payment methods such as Apple Pay and Paypal can override the shipping and or billing address listed in your Colorescience order with the address listed on your Apple Pay and Paypal account, therefore causing your order to be shipped to an outdated address. Refused packages will be charged a Non-Delivery Fee of 15% of the value of the order. The Non-Delivery fee will be charged to the payment form selected during checkout and will be subtracted from any refund.


Lasting Beauty Rewards members earn points for every dollar spent on purchases at and through participating skin health professionals. Points can also be earned for activities like reading our blog, writing product reviews and more. Points earned can be redeemed for product, or for coupons on future purchases. The types, duration, and point values awarded for qualified activities, as well as available rewards, may vary; for full program details and benefits, visit our Rewards page.
Digital coupons are valid for use on purchases made on In-office coupons are valid for use on purchases made through one of our authorized skin health professional offices that participates in Lasting Beauty Rewards. To find a participating office location near you, please visit our locator page. Be sure to check the ’LASTING BEAUTY REWARDS PARTNER‘ check box to filter on locations participating in our rewards program, and search to find a location closest to you. We recognize that most customers who purchase Colorescience products through one of our skin health professionals also purchase in-office procedures, and therefore, we are able to offer higher dollar values for points when redeemed for in-office coupons. All rewards members are invited to get the most out of their points by shopping in-office through an authorized skin health professional!
Members who spend $250+ in a calendar year will level-up to INSIDER status. Those who spend $500+ will level-up to ELITE status.
Your full points balance will expire 12 months after your last purchase made at or through a participating skin health professional. If you make a new purchase before your expiration date, any redeemable points will rollover for a new 12-month period.
Account information such as tier status, lifetime points, redeemable points, and coupon codes for rewards already redeemed can be accessed through the 'MY REWARDS' section of
Our Concierge team is happy to assist with consolidating your accounts. Please email with this request.
For more information and a full list of Lasting Beauty Rewards FAQs, please visit our Rewards page.
Yes! You can give your friends 20% off on their first order of $50+, and get $20 in Lasting Beauty Rewards points for each successful referral.

Your referred friend must be a new customer and place their first order through your personal referral link, which you can find on the Rewards page in your account. If order is canceled or items are returned, referral bonus points will be lost. You will be emailed once you receive your points, which will appear in your account 30 days after the qualifying purchase is made.