5 Reasons Why You Need Colorescience All Calm™

According to a study done by The National Rosacea Society, 90% of rosacea sufferers admit to lowered self-confidence and 88% have suffered embarrassment due to their condition. Study participants reported feelings of anxiety, helplessness, anger, isolation and depression. No one should have to feel self-conscious or uncomfortable in their own skin. At Colorescience, our mission is to help everyone feel confident and beautiful without feeling the need to cake on layers of makeup to cover up. When creating All Calm Clinical Redness Corrector SPF 50, our goal was to offer an immediate redness correcting solution, while also protecting the skin and providing ongoing relief. All Calm neutralizes redness without being thick or heavy, and most importantly it won’t cause further skin irritation.

“If you have rosacea, adult acne, or sensitive skin, you will love this!!! I've been wearing it under my makeup and sometimes on its own, it instantly relieves redness and evens out my skin tone.” – Beauty blogger Laura Z

Here are the top five reasons why you should try All Calm


1 - Neutralizes redness and calms skin

“The formula was easy to spread, and didn’t feel sticky or greasy. Not only did my skin look amazingly un-red, but it felt great. The irritation really became almost non-existent.” – Beauty blogger Beaux Beauty

When you’re suffering from skin conditions like rosacea, redness or acne, you want immediate relief – to both visibly reduce the appearance of redness and to make your face feel more comfortable. All Calm Clinical Redness Corrector SPF 50 is tinted with subtle green undertones to instantly balance out the look of redness. Our patent pending BioSolace Complex helps soothe and calm irritation from the moment you apply it to your skin.

 Woman showing facial difference with colorescience all calm

2 - SPF 50 UVA/UVB defense

“This product works miracles on my red and sun damaged chest. It neutralizes the red and protects me from future sun damage!” – Colorescience customer, Dana

Did you know that UV exposure is the #1 trigger for rosacea? We know the importance of sun protection for all skin types, but this is even more vital for those with rosacea and redness. All CalmClinical Redness Corrector offers SPF 50 UVA/UVB defense to give your skin immediate defense against sun damage first thing in the morning.

Colorescience all calm makeup next to sunglasses

3 - Ongoing relief from the look of redness

“It takes away the redness and marks on my face, I don't need a foundation over the top, and it doesn't feel like it's clogging my pores.” – Lifestyle blogger Tonya Staab

It wasn’t enough to simply color correct, we created All Calm as both an immediate and long-term solution for redness and sensitivity. Our patent pending BioSolace Complex uses Niacinamide, SymRelief, Vital ET, MAXnolia, CM-Glucan Forte, and Native Essence to provide ongoing soothing, cooling and hydrating relief.

Colorescience all calm makeup next to flowers

4 - No chemical active ingredients

“Red cheeks? Rejoice! Ever since I tested a lab sample of Colorescience All Calm months ago, I have been eagerly awaiting its release. This is a unique product that helps to alleviate and conceal redness, and contains Zinc and Titanium sunscreen. Perfect for rosacea, acne-prone, and sensitive skin.” – Allison Arthur, MD, FAAD, of Sand Lake Dermatology

The last thing you want to do to red, rosacea-prone skin is apply irritating chemical ingredients. Chemical actives can cause further inflammation and end up doing more harm than good to your already irritated complexion. Like all of our products, All Calm uses only pure Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide minerals to protect the skin from sun damage.

Colorescience all calm makeup next to plants

5 - Dermatologist recommended

“It’s such a great feeling to see a smiling rosacea patient after they have tried All Calm™ for the first time. It neutralizes redness and acts as a moisturizing color corrector and sunscreen all in one.” – Dr. Shari Topper, Board Certified Dermatologist, Derm Partners of Boca Raton

When dealing with a skin condition like rosacea it’s very important to consult your physician in order to properly diagnose and discuss treatment options. At Colorescience, we’ve partnered with only the most trusted professionals in the industry. Our partners are raving about the effects of All Calm on their patients, including everything from rosacea and acne, to post-laser and post-waxing. Click here to watch a LIVE demonstration of All Calm applied post-procedure by our partner Roseville Dermatology.