Best Natural Skin Care Tips

Many skin care products contain harmful chemicals and toxins, leading modern beauty mavens to look for natural alternatives. Beauty bloggers across the globe have spent countless hours trying and reviewing natural skin care solutions, searching for products that soothe the skin while contributing to a flawless complexion. Learn the natural skin care tips these bloggers swear by and incorporate some of Mother Nature’s best into your daily beauty regimen.

Kara Ferguson1. Politics of Pretty

Kara Ferguson

"I think people are more in tune/want to care about what products they’re using on their skin. Nowadays, I think consumers wants brands to be more transparent about their ingredients. Ethics are now playing a role in the purchasing decision and I think that's a good thing! Favorite natural skincare tip? I love using Green Algae, especially in the summer, to help prevent sunburn."

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Mariyam Abid2. The Beautyholic

Mariyam Abid

"Who isn't interested in all-natural skin care? The entire world is buzzing around organic and natural products. These days, the culprit skincare ingredients like Parabens, SLS, and other preservatives are contributing to severe health diseases like cancer. Favorite natural skincare tip? Always incorporate a natural CTM routine in your skincare—cleanser, toner, and moisturizer..."

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Sissi Nuthman3. Beauty4Free2U

Sissi Nuthman

"I believe natural skin care products can make a huge difference, because they don´t contain toxic or otherwise harmful ingredients (such as parabens) like many conventional products do. Coconut oil is a wonderful natural product that is a great inexpensive makeup remover and moisturizer."

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Lara Eurdolian4. Pretty Connected

Lara Eurdolian

"I always recommend owning Coconut Oil, Apple Cider Vinegar and Baking Soda—and googling the countless things you can do with them. I find I reach for baking soda and apple cider vinegar more than anything, from exfoliating to anti-acne recipes—and also for my hair! There isn't a shortage of recipes you can find on the internet using these magic ingredients to keep skin in balance. I also use Coconut Oil for just about everything."

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Jen Mathews5. My Beauty Bunny

Jen Mathews

"My favorite DIY toner for oily or acne-prone skin is easy to make. Just mix cooled green tea, water, and apple cider vinegar. Spritz on your face or use with a cotton ball. It will keep in the refrigerator for about a week or so. You can also mix it with bentonite clay to make an acne spot treatment."

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Felicia Czochanski6. Class and the City

Felicia Czochanski

"Trying the natural beauty trend is easier than you might think! I love to make a natural DIY scrub that uses just a few ingredients but has amazing exfoliating and hydrating properties—not to mention, it smells amazing! Brown sugar provides natural exfoliating properties and coconut oil locks in hydration that will combat chapped lips."

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Janel Benson7. Fiore Beauty

Janel Benson

"I'm a big fan of making skincare products at home! I think we've really gotten a chance to start educating ourselves on the importance of knowing what we're putting on our skin and the harmful effects of some non-natural ingredients. I think we're also realizing that natural ingredients are actually powerful and can do the job without being packed with synthetics and harsh chemicals. Favorite natural skin care tip? Always make sure to moisturize and drink lots of H2O!"

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Diane Elizabeth8. Skincare OX

Diane Elizabeth

"One day, I decided to research every single ingredient in my skin care routine. I was horrified at how many ingredients were linked to skin irritations, cancer, and even problems with fertility—I felt as though I was in a huge information vacuum. The more I learned, the more natural skin care products became a part of my daily routine. The one natural skin care tip that has dramatically changed the quality of my skin is weekly DIY masking. Ever since I was a young girl, I've always suffered from painful hormonal acne that lasts 4-5 days each month. No matter how many products I've tried, nothing seemed to make a dent in the frequency, duration, and strength of these breakouts—until now!"

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Cynthia Rowland9. Youth Seekers

Cynthia Rowland

"What makes natural beauty so appealing these days is because consumers are savvy—they read ingredients and they demand natural, botanical ingredients because they’re fed up with hidden chemicals that have long-term consequences. My favorite tip is this: Facial exercise enhances your face—do it regularly. ColoreScience + FNia Farawayacial Exercise = a beautiful visage. When facial muscles are strengthened, the skin becomes taut, toned and smooth. Whether one is using F.A.C.E. or Crème or the mineral face color as a base, these Nia Faraway complement one another."

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Nia Faraway10. Nia Faraway

Nia Faraway

"My favorite natural skincare tip is to use high-grade Manuka honey as a multifunctional cleanser/mask/supplement. Raw honey has skin healing properties as it is moisturizing, contains minerals, vitamins (B vitamins and Biotin), and antioxidants."

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Maxine Tatlonghari11. The Vanity Diaries

Maxine Tatlonghari

"I love honey as a natural skincare option. For acne, I like that is naturally antibacterial. It is also full of antioxidants which makes it a great choice for anti-aging. Given its own naturally beautiful color and soothing moisturizing properties, it helps to create a beautiful glow as well! I also use it when I have a cut or scrape to help it heal quickly."

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Alice Nguyen12. Punica Makeup

Alice Nguyen

"I love utilizing homemade remedies once a week to replenish skin without harmful chemicals. Mix olive oil, banana and avocado to kill bacteria, as well as effectively moisturize and replenish dry skin. Use honey or diluted essential oils to dab on swelling bumps; I also blend honey with green tea powder or fruits like banana and avocado to create anti-aging masks."

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Matilda13. Eleventh Beauty


"Initially, when I started switching over to natural skin care, I was more interested in eliminating so-called ‘toxic’ chemicals, which was driven by fear. But, as I’ve progressed further into the natural beauty movement, I’ve come to realize that that’s only one aspect of it. The more exciting part is that natural beauty is not just about what’s being removed from the product—it’s about what’s being included. Natural beauty products are more likely to contain high-quality ingredients, which are truly beneficial for your skin, and are designed to heal and build healthy skin. Of course, my skin still has its moments, but since making the switch it’s so much calmer, brighter and smoother and I often get asked what I’m using to get that glow."

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Renee14. Blog for Beauty


"Natural oils such as argan, castor, coconut and jojoba oils are the best moisturizers—simply use them by themselves, or add a few drops into your facial cleanser, shampoo, body lotion for even better moisturizing."

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Elizabeth Trattner15. Elizabeth Trattner

Elizabeth Trattner

"I like oil cleansing. This originated with She Uemera in Japan and cold creams over 50 years ago. Oil dissolves oil and many natural, green and organic companies are refining this age old method of cleansing skin. Companies like Kindred and Luxe Botanicals have perfected this by using high-quality, hexane free, ethically-sourced oils from all over the world to clean the driest to oiliest skin."

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Anna Segova16. Anna Segova

Anna Segova

"Sticking with only natural cosmetics ensures that my skin gets the best and the most natural treatment. My tips is to stay critical: Natural doesn't always mean good. When it comes to cosmetics ingredients, there are clearly degrees of 'naturalness', with many natural ingredients undergoing some form of processing."

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Amie Skilton17. What the Naturopath Said

Amie Skilton

"I think natural skincare is growing in popularity because more and more people are becoming aware of the consequences of using endocrine-disrupting chemicals on their body—and also the impact some manufacturing practices (and raw material sourcing) are having on the environment. It just feels right to be using something the way nature made it. Use a blend of sea buckthorn and jojoba oil on oily skin to regulate the grease production!"

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Lindsey Pasieka18. Consumer Safety

Lindsey Pasieka

"My go-to tip for natural skincare is always this: Do your research! Just because something is labeled as ‘natural’ doesn't mean it is 100% safe, or free of common allergens. Never apply something to your skin until you've checked for irritants and allergens. Make sure that the moisturizers you use are talc-free and your morning skin routine includes SPF to help reduce your risk of skin cancer from UV rays. The more aware and informed you are, the better decisions you can make—and your skin will thank you for it!"

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Janice Rosenthal19. Garden of Essences

Janice Rosenthal

"My favorite natural skincare tip is to use 100% natural oils, such as Guava Seed Oil, Broccoli Seed Oil, and in particular, Goji Berry Seed Oil, which contains 500 times more Vitamin C than found in oranges. Additionally, cold pressed plant oils contain full spectrum Vitamin E and A, which are required to boost the activity of Vitamin C. Sadly, many expensive serums contain the cheapest, least effective form of Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) and are largely manmade in a laboratory. That is why using a plant oil will always be superior, because the natural Vitamin C will be vastly more effective."

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20. Mademoiselle Nature

Audrey Nature

“Staying tuned for your skin needs is really crucial as many factors can daily influence your skin wellbeing: environment, diet, hormones, or stress. Address your skin concerns by choosing the right skincare products. Privilege natural beauty ingredients that have proven skin benefits such as botanical oils, organic honey or clay. It is all about using the best skin-friendly ingredients to help you achieving an healthy and balanced skin!”

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