CCO Josie Juncal Shines In San Diego Business Community

The Colorescience family is so proud of the high honor bestowed upon one of our Colorescience leaders. As a result of Colorescience CCO Josie Juncal’s long time contributions to the beauty industry, business acumen, and her many community services -- including the Colorescience Sunstoppable program -- she was selected as a Finalist for San Diego Magazine’s 2015 Woman of the Year Awards.

Josie Juncal

“Those closest to Josie are constantly impressed with her drive, attitude, and overall capability. She puts forth 150% effort in everything she does and is one of the most thoughtful and caring individuals both in her professional career and in her personal life” says Executive Director of Marketing Lindsey Vanderbilt, Juncal’s direct report. “She is absolutely seen as a leader by all who know her – she has a way of sharing her expertise with others and inspiring those around her. Colleagues and peers look up to Josie and aspire to be like her.”

Josie Juncal and friend

The annual San Diego Magazine “Woman of the Year” awards aimed to showcase the esteemed women of the San Diego-area best known for their entrepreneurial and charitable spirits. Juncal’s nomination highlighted her leadership and the exceptional work she’s done Colorescience; specifically recognizing her strategic business development, notable brand growth achieved, as well as her overall branding and marketing strategy, and corporate social responsibility.

“I am honored to be recognized among such an exceptional group of women who work to improve our community and inspire the next generation,” shared Juncal. “As a female in business, I understand the challenges women face and the significance of having female leaders and mentors. It’s inspiring for San Diego Magazine to recognize women leaders within our community in this way,” added Juncal.

Josie and Mary

Since joining Colorescience as Vice President of New Commercial Operations in 2011, Juncal has been a driving force behind the brand's success. Boasting an impressive skincare and aesthetics background, her leadership and strategic vision have helped rebuild the Colorescience brand, firmly establishing it as a leader in 100% healthy cosmetics by fusing suncare, skincare and color into each product. Recognizing the importance of sun protection for current and future generations alike, she led the introduction of the brand's Sunstoppable™ outreach program that sun-proofs elementary schools nation-wide and earlier this year she can be credited for expanding the company into, making sun protection more readily available for consumers.

Josie giving bags to children

Juncal's passion is as tangible as her commitment to smart skincare and dedication to promoting a positive self-image for women, further supporting the brand’s unwavering belief that women should not compromise health for lasting beauty.

In a recent interview by, Josie shared her favorite part about running a San Diego based business “This is my hometown and I love it. Our brand fits so perfectly here because sun protection is in everything we do and that is a huge necessity in this beautiful, sunny city!” Josie’s passion and focus on how women don’t have to compromise health for long-lasting beauty has been an integral part of managing to re-energize the Colorescience brand.

Josie and husband

Colorescience is proud to have females at the helm of its operation, with a female CEO and females employed in all levels of leadership across the organization. Fostering the growth and development of women in their careers has always and will always be at the forefront of the Colorescience heritage. We take great pride in this recognition by our local community and will continue to strive to do more not only just for our employees and community but women, men and children across the world by bringing forth health-first innovation through products and programs focused on sun protection.

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