NEW Mineral Corrector Palette Tutorial

Dark circles, blemishes, brown spots…we’ve all experienced at least one of these skin issues at some point or another. It can be so confusing choosing what products to use, and who wants to have to buy three separate concealers to address each concern? Our NEW Mineral Corrector Palette with SPF 20 is your solution! This all-in-one palette comes complete with five blendable shades to neutralize red, blue, and yellow tones, correcting imperfections and enhancing your natural beauty. Hydrating ingredients like Vegetal Extract Complex and Carrot Seed Oil nourish and soften the skin for a more youthful, never cakey complexion.

Here’s how each shade works:

(1) Lightens red tones

(2) Corrects red tones

Using the included brush, apply shades 1 & 2 to your blemishes, redness, or broken capillaries. Use a mixture of the two shades until you find your custom match.

(3) Covers blue and brown tones

(4) Corrects dark blue tones

Apply shades 3 & 4 to dark spots, under eye circles, or post-procedure bruising with blue and brown undertones. Again, mix the two shades together until you find your custom match.

(5) Covers yellow and green tones

Apply shade 5 to dark spots, under eye circles, and post-procedure bruising with yellow and green undertones. Continue layering all shades until achieving desired coverage.

You’ll find that although a powder, this palette offers a crème-like feel. The lightweight, breathable formula melts into the skin, without leaving behind the thick, layered look of a cream concealer. The formula includes antioxidants and vitamin E to help shield against skin-damaging free radicals. Chemical-free SPF 20 sunscreen utilizes minerals for UVA/UVB broad spectrum protection.

Before and after concealing

Considering injectables or other procedures, but nervous about the recovery time? This palette is ideal for concealing post-procedure bruising so that you can get a treatment done mid-week, and get right back to work and your social life! You no longer have to wait for a Friday appointment to open up.

Here’s what physicians and social influencers are saying:

Mineral Corrector Palette results

“Colorescience® Mineral Corrector Palette is super pigmented, so it's perfect for covering up anything from post-treatment inflammation & redness, to a few pimples!” says Urban Body Laser.

Super pigmented palette

“The Corrector Palette has been super helpful in hiding my under-eye-circles (love being able to mix up a few shades to get the perfect coverage),” says blogger Pellerini Proclaims.
“We love this Colorescience® Mineral Corrector Palette! It will cover a broad range from blemishes to tattoos! It even offers SPF protection!” says Dilworth Dermatology & Laser.
“The Mineral Corrector Palette from Colorescience® is the one makeup product I am most excited about! It even comes with a cheat sheet showing which colors to use for dark circles, redness, blemishes, whatever it might be!” says blogger Stylishly Social.

A must-have for your makeup bag, our Mineral Corrector Palette SPF 20 is your solution for correcting all your skin concerns.