Spring Cleaning: Brushes

When spring is in the air, a fresh start means something different to everyone; it can be small, like Jennifer Lawrence chopping her hair off, or big, like George Clooney getting engaged. What does a fresh start mean for us? Perfectly clean brushes, of course! Every day, your brushes pick up oil, makeup, dirt and other particles that can clog your pores and cause breakouts. Follow the easy steps below and let your brushes work their magic!

There are a few key elements to freshening up your makeup routine, and keeping all of your tools as clean as possible:

1. Clean your brushes at least once a week.

We know this seems like a lot, but your brushes hold more bacteria than you might think. When you buy a high-quality makeup brush, maintaining the texture and cleanliness of the brush hairs will allow the brush to last longer and produce a better look.

2. Make sure to work the solution all the way through the brush hairs.

With traditional brush cleaning, this process can be tricky. You have to be sure to evenly soak the brush, work the shampoo in, and rinse out thoroughly. Luckily, our Brush Cleaner gets the job done with far fewer steps. All you do is spray the solution onto a cloth, work it through the brush hairs, and let it dry. No rinsing, no shampoo, no mess.

3. Leave time for brushes to dry.

By letting the Brush Cleaner dry properly, you avoid the risk of mixing a makeup powder with a wet brush and leaving you with a clumpy mess, and a dirty brush. Timing your brush cleaning properly will make the process that much easier!

This spring, your fresh start can be a new lip color, a new haircut, a new love interest, or an easy extra step in your makeup routine! By keeping your brushes spick and span, you’ll feel like you’re using a brand new brush every time. How’s that for a fresh start?