Top 4 Health Tips from a Golf Professional


Begin drinking water the minute you wake up. Coffee is typically on my mind, and most likely on yours first thing in the morning too, but recognize that by getting a couple glasses down early, it will prepare your body for a day in the heat. Once at the course, make sure to eat and drink often. Fueling your body is a key way to stay on top of your game. Also, instead of grabbing a sugary drink, try simply adding some yummy fruit, like berries, to your water instead. Staying hydrated is one of the number one things I focus on daily – and the benefits of hydration extend well-beyond just dealing with the heat. The extra water you take in can do wonders for you skin!

Wand with Bag

photo by Alexa Dvorak

Sunscreen, Baby!

In addition to loading up on H20 before heading to the club, one of the most important things you can do for yourself is apply sunscreen. Spending time at golf clubs for the past 20 years, I have basically tried every sunscreen on the market. And as a golfer, in order to hold the club properly, it is important to find a sunscreen that is going to keep my hands from feeling slippery or greasy, and that won’t drip in to my eyes if I perspire. It’s taken me awhile to find the perfect one, but once introduced to the Colorescience® Brush-on Sunscreen, I was instantly hooked. Not only is this sunscreen a chemical active free powder, but Colorescience® has figured out the best way to get sunscreen on your skin… a wand! Personally, I think that this brilliant water resistant powder is magic on the course. The size is perfect, as you can conveniently toss it in your golf bag or even your back pocket (for the frequent re-appliers). It’s simply perfect for golf because you pop out and, with a quick swipe or two, you can have reapplied while your bestie is teeing off. Keeping my skin safe, and allowing my hands to remain clean and dry for the rest of my round is crucial for me, and Colorescience has come to the rescue. Genius for golf, and genius for every day!

Applying during golf

photo by Erin Walsh

Feel beautiful with what you’re wearing

Choosing smart clothes for the course is a must, especially in the middle of summer. Help your body beat the heat by dressing in light-colored and breathable clothing. Even try for cotton undergarments to help you stay comfortable during your round. You can still be super stylish – even when striping your driver down the middle of the fairway. Golf specific clothing is fabulous and made to allow your body to move well. However, mixing and matching different wearable brands is my favorite way to create a functional and fashion-forward golf outfit. So go ahead and piece together something fun, or even try a bright-colored romper to look, feel, and play fab on the course!

Applying during golf

photo by Erin Walsh

Always Stay Positive

Keeping a positive attitude in life is something we all strive for. Once you get to the golf course, this shouldn’t change! Many doubts can sneak into your mind when you’re about to perform, but if you haven’t been spending hours upon hours practicing, you shouldn’t beat yourself up once you begin playing. And even if you have been practicing – be nice to yourself! Say positive things out loud, yet moreover, believe them! Our minds are amazing, and when you remain happy and upbeat on the course, great things can happen in your game. Keeping cool in the head is just as important as taking good care your body. Golf can be incredibly enjoyable, but you have to let it be fun. Say to yourself, “Girl, its only a game its supposed to fun.” The more you go with the flow, the better you will play. Trust me ☺