Understanding and Addressing Rosacea - By Dr. Sandy Johnson, Board Certified Dermatologist

Understanding and Addressing Rosacea - By Dr. Sandy Johnson, Board Certified Dermatologist

I am not blushing.  I am not embarrassed.  I have rosacea.  Rosacea is a medical condition that affects more than 16 million Americans.  I am one of those 16 million Americans—and I am a board-certified Dermatologist.  I am blessed to understand that rosacea is common and not my fault.   I am blessed that I have researched rosacea for the past 20+ years.  I am blessed that we offer many treatments for rosacea at our clinic including the pulsed dye laser and various clinical trials. 

Rosacea can be attributed to many causes.  Rosacea has many triggers.  Rosacea has many presentations.  Rosacea can present with dry irritated eyes (ocular rosacea).  Rosacea can present with sensitive skin on the face (altered barrier).  Rosacea can present with bumps and pimples (papulopustular rosacea).  Rosacea can present with flushing and blushing and red face and broken blood vessels (erythematic rosacea).  Rosacea can present with thickened skin and large pores (phymomatous rosacea).  Rosacea can present with a rash around the mouth (perioral dermatitis—which some people consider a variant of rosacea).  If you suffer from any of these issues, I encourage you to see a board-certified dermatologist or a Dermatology Physician Assistant (PA) or a Dermatology Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN) in a dermatology clinic.  They will listen to you and work with you to determine the best combination of ingredients to avoid, products to use, prescriptions to take, and lasers for energy kisses to keep you the most skintastic version of yourself.  They will work with you to identify your triggers and encourage you to obtain information from The National Rosacea Society at rosacea.org

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A simple skin care regimen with limited irritating ingredients is best.  My skin is easily irritated with toners, certain topical antioxidants, and facial scrubs.  Blue light from my computer screens and my iPhone also flare my facial redness.  One of my favorite products to protect the face from environmental triggers, blue light from screens, infrared light and UV light is All Calm® Clinical Redness Corrector SPF 50 from Colorescience®.  All Calm® not only conceals facial redness and protects from triggers, but also calms the skin so it feels and looks less inflamed and irritated.  The patent pending  BioSolace™ Complex provides ongoing relief from sensitivity and reduces the appearance of redness. It is really a 3-in-1 product.

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Because exposure to sun and blue light from screens can trigger Rosacea redness and irritation, it is important to remember to reapply protection throughout the day. For myself and my patients, reapplying a lotion or cream every two hours is not convenient or easy. That is why I use and recommend the Colorescience® Total Protection™ Brush-on Shield SPF 50 or the Total Protection™ Sheer Matte SPF 30 brush for oily-blemish prone skin. The brushes provide all mineral protection against UVA and UVB rays, shields the skin from blue light and is convenient for at home or on the go.

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If you would like to learn more about rosacea, I encourage you to talk with your dermatologist or medical skincare professional, get involved with the National Rosacea Society, and follow Johnson Dermatology on social media.  I hope whether or not you suffer with rosacea that you always feel and look skintastic. 


Meet Dr. Sandy Johnson

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Dr. Sandy Johnson, MD, FAAD  is a board-certified dermatologist and founding physician at Johnson Dermatology in Fort Smith, Arkansas. She practices both medical and cosmetic dermatology and is often sought after for her expertise in skin health and rejuvenation by dermatology and skincare companies as well as publications such as The Wall Street Journal, Shape, Prevention, Parents and Good Housekeeping. She is an active Fellow of the American Academy of Dermatology, has served as a past president of the Arkansas Dermatologic Society and is on the editorial board for the Journal of the Arkansas Medical Society and Practical Dermatology. Dr. Sandy is active in the American Academy of Dermatology for which she has received a presidential citation in the past. She has also served on the Laser Safety Committee for the Arkansas State Medical Board. Dr. Johnson has been a Colorescience® top partner for over 12 years. With a high level of expertise, passion and compassion, Dr. Sandy Johnson approaches each patient as an individual and along with her team at Johnson Dermatology, provides excellent patient care, outcomes, and experiences.