Your Search for the Perfect Colorescience Foundation Is Over

Based on recent conversations with 500 women on why they wear makeup (data by Field Agent), 75% said they wear it to feel good about themselves. Feeling confident in your skin is so important and that’s why we’ve made it our mission to bring you skincare and beauty products that let you be you. Our latest beauty innovation does just that with a pressed foundation that feels weightless on the skin, has a hydrating, non-cakey texture, is water resistant for 80 minutes and includes SPF 20 sun protection!

Foundation isn’t about covering up; it’s about enhancing the beauty that already exists. Read on to learn more about why our Natural Finish Pressed Foundation SPF 20 Sunscreen should be the next addition to your beauty routine.

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Lightweight, Breathable Mesh Technology

Most mineral powder foundation formulations grind their minerals into a powder where all the particles are the same size. This creates a foundation with a flat finish that feels heavy on the skin. Colorescience® Natural Finish Pressed Foundation uses gradient-milled mineral technology to deliver non-cakey, lightweight and breathable coverage. We mill the mineral particles at different sizes to create a natural, radiant finish. This “breathable mesh” feels like you’re wearing nothing at all, unlike some other foundations that can feel like a mask on your skin. “They feel heavenly, by the way, and the coverage is superior! I love them. Best of all, they have a sunscreen rating!!! Genius,” says Product Specialist at Roseville Dermatology, Carly Summers.

Lightweight Pressed Foundation

Hydrating, Non-cakey Formula

Did you know that the first ingredient in most mineral foundations is talc? Talc, the main ingredient in baby powder is used to dry the skin and prevent diaper rash. Why would you want to wear a powder that dries out the skin on your face? We're proud to say that we don't use talc in any of our products. The creamy, velvety texture of our Natural Finish Pressed Foundation comes from nourishing Vegetal Extract Complex, Carrot Seed Oil and Vitamin E. These hydrating, good-for-skin ingredients infuse a cream-like feel when applying foundation to the skin. This leaves a smooth-as-silk finish that is never flat or dry. It reveals a naturally radiant, airbrushed complexion. This product is dermatologist tested, non-irritating and is free of parabens, talc, dyes mineral oil, synthetic fragrance, and harsh chemicals.

Hydrating Pressed Foundation

SPF 20 to Guard Against Sun Damage

Layering your sun protection throughout the day is so important to ensure adequate coverage. We’ve made it simple by ensuring our new foundation includes an SPF 20 rating. With a high concentration of chemical-free sunscreen ingredients Titanium Dioxide (21.2%) and Zinc Oxide (12.1 %), this foundation offers UVA/UVB broad spectrum protection. It is truly a science creating a foundation with this rating that provides beautiful, radiant color. Our team has spent hours upon hours in the lab customizing the mineral formula to get it just right.

Six Neutral Shades to Make Color Matching Easy

If you already use our Tint du Soleil™ Foundation or Brush-on Sunscreen, it’s even easier to find your match, since you already know if you’re Light, Medium, Tan or Deep. If you’re new to Colorescience, first decide which of the four shades you fall within. Light matches with our Light Ivory shade. Deep matches our Deep Mocha shade. For medium skin tones, determine if you’re on the lighter or darker side of a medium: Medium Bisque is lighter; Medium Sand is darker. Tan skin tones also choose between two shades: Tan Natural is a lighter tan; Tan Golden is a darker shade of tan. Since all shades are neutral, they blend seamlessly onto the skin, matching a broad range of skin tones.

6 neutral shades

80 Minutes Water Resistant!

We know you lead a busy life. 80 minutes of water resistance is ideal for more than just pool days. This benefit means you can wear your foundation to your morning barre or yoga class, go for a jog on your lunch break, or chase your toddler around without worrying about your foundation sliding off. What good is a great foundation if it doesn’t hold up to perspiration?

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We invite you to try our new Natural Finish Pressed Foundation SPF 20 and #LetSkinBeSkin. You’ll feel confident knowing your skin looks hydrated, radiant and smooth, while being protected from the sun - with the best part being that it looks and feels like your natural skin.