Colorescience Used on the Set of Ravenswood!

Colorescience Used on the Set of Ravenswood!

The Canadian actress may have to endure a fatal curse in this Pretty Little Liars spinoff, but off-duty, her skin stays safe with Colorescience Pressed Mineral Foundation. Makeup every day on set can be harsh for your skin, but this doesn't sink into my pores, she says. It feels weightless but provides full coverage-and looks flawless!

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Natural Finish Pressed Foundation SPF 20 pressed powder

Available in 8 shades

Natural Finish Mineral Foundation SPF 20


woman with fair skin tone


Will blend with our warmer Light Ivory or cooler Light Beige (replacement for All Dolled Up) shades.

woman with medium skin tone


Blends with our warmer lighter Medium Bisque (replacement for All Even), warm neutral Medium Sunlight (replacement for California Girl) or darker, Medium Sand.

woman with tan skin tone


Blends with Tan Natural (closest replacement to Girl from Ipanema/Taste of Honey) or Tan Golden.

woman with deep skin tone


Will match with our Deep Mocha shade.

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