Quiz: What Sun Protection Product is Best For Your Daily Routine?

Our skin goes up against some pretty tough stuff day in and day out—and we don’t always give it the TLC it deserves. Your day-to-day routine can significantly impact your skin health, but making sure that you’re using the right sun protection products can help you maintain a healthy, radiant complexion.

From the moment you leave your home, your skin takes on a great deal of wear and tear from sun exposure—but UV rays aren’t the only thing you need to protect your skin from. Whether it’s pollution from the air around you or blue light emissions from your computer or (gasp!) beloved cell phone, there are plenty of environmental aggressors that can wreak havoc on your complexion.

Because of this, it’s important to incorporate sun protection products into your beauty routine that tackle more than UV exposure.

Tell us about your daily beauty routine, and we’ll do the sunscreen matchmaking for you.


Do you put on foundation every morning?


Do you live in an urban area?


How much time do you spend in the car each day?


Are you on the computer for the majority of the day at work or school?


Do you spend more than an hour outside each day?


We've used your answers from the quiz to recommend a sunscreen solution tailored to your needs. This sun protection product can safeguard your skin and help you achieve a beautiful, clear complexion - whatever the day throws your way!



Sunforgettable® Total Protection™ Face Shield SPF 50


Urban areas experience higher levels of pollution, which threatens more than just the planet. Did you know pollution can break down your skin's collagen, cause dehydration and result in a loss of elasticity and firmness?

Sunforgettable’s® new formula features EnviroScreen™ Technology, which offers a combination of powerful antioxidants to help protect skin from pollution-generated free radicals. City living without skin damage? Yes please!

Your daily commute can be a hassle, but did you know that time spent in the car leaves you vulnerable to UV radiation? The glass used in your car’s windows block the majority of UVB rays, but they don’t provide enough protection against UVA rays. UVA rays can penetrate deep into your skin’s thickest layer, and exposure to these rays can lead to premature skin aging and wrinkling over time.

With Sunforgettable®, you can belt out your favorite car jams without worrying about sun damage. This broad spectrum sunscreen solution provides PA+++ UVB protection, and combines tara tannins and organic sunflower sprouts to protect skin against infrared radiation.

Computers and smartphones emit high-energy visible light (HEV) which is also known as blue light. Recent studies have shown that blue light may give off infrared radiation, which could release cell-damaging free radicals that ruin your complexion.

Whether you’re typing away at work or taking a selfie, our new formula helps keep you protected. Sunforgettable® has been reformulated using an exclusive blend of specialty ingredients that create a protective barrier that safeguards your skin from up to 93% of blue light.

Spending any amount of time outdoors without proper skin protection can result in burns and increase the signs of aging. Check out the UV Index; this tool is ranked on a scale ranging from 0 to 11-plus, and serves as a forecast of the intensity of UV radiation at a given time. The greater the UV index, the greater amount of UV radiation present—and the more likely you are to burn.

Sunforgettable® offers a UVB rating of SPF 50 and a UVA rating of PA+++ to ensure your skin is protected from damaging infrared radiation, whatever the UV Index reads that day. Our antioxidant-rich mineral formula provides total protection from environmental aggressors, meaning you can enjoy the great outdoors without damaging your skin.