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Sunscreen is an important part of every skin care regimen, but not all brands are good for your skin. Colorescience fragrance-free sunscreen is made with natural ingredients designed to protect your skin from the sun without any of the harsh side effects caused by chemical SPF. Keep your skin safely protected wearing our fragrance-free mineral sunscreen.



What Dangerous Ingredients are in Sunscreen?

Artificial scents can be harsh on skin, but that’s not the only threat to watch out for on your list of ingredients! Some sunscreen formulas are known to cause irritation, discoloration, and allergic reactions. Parabens are a perfect example of a classic sunscreen ingredient responsible for inflammation. Parabens are used as a preservative in many cosmetic formulas to prevent bacteria growth. This chemical can cause adverse side-effects, including hormone disruption, protein breakdown, degeneration of cells, and premature aging. Avoid these toxins by using our fragrance-free sunscreen, which is also free of parabens and all that other yucky stuff.

Oxybenzone is another active ingredient found in most chemical sunscreens. Despite its protective quality, oxybenzone has been shown to penetrate the skin, causing photo-sensitivity and an increase in harmful free radicals. Wear a Colorescience sunscreen powder without Oxybenzone to preserve youthful-looking skin while protecting it from UV rays. We offer the best anti-aging sunscreen for the face, but you can also wear our product all over your body!


Is Colorescience Sunscreen Safe for My Skin?

Yes! Colorescience offers all-natural, fragrance-free mineral sunscreen as a simple sun-care solution. Our formula offers broad spectrum UV protection without any harmful ingredients. Whether you opt for SPF 30 or SPF 50, you have plenty of options to pick from. We make safe products that always place skincare first, so whether you need gentle sunscreen or the best eye cream for sagging eyelids, you can put your trust in our quality.


How do I Apply Colorescience Fragrance-Free Sunscreen?

Our Sunforgettable Brush-on Sunscreen provides protection in one easy, on-the-go application brush. You can wear our fragrance free sunscreen by itself or with makeup. Simply sweep the brush over the face and body to release powder for sheer, natural-looking coverage, or use small circular strokes for more coverage. If you’d like to conceal blemishes, large pores, and excessive shine, add our foundation for oily skin to your routine. Always apply sunscreen liberally and evenly before sun exposure for best results!

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