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Mineral Lip Gloss

Your health and confidence come first at Colorescience—and when you’re shopping for the perfect gloss to beautify your lips, we know you only want the purest ingredients. Our mineral lip gloss includes natural minerals and SPF—and none of the other stuff that can cause dryness and irritated lips. Stay hydrated and show off some shimmer with our selection of natural mineral lip gloss.



Will Colorescience mineral lip gloss chap my lips?

Nope. Our mineral lip gloss formula only includes hydrating materials we’re proud of, unlike many other glosses that can dry out your luscious lips. So what causes chapped lips, anyway? Companies will cheap out on less expensive ingredients, like beeswax versus petroleum jelly, to favor quantity over quality. Castor oil and lanolin are two common culprits of lip inflammation. Avoid products with alcohol and menthol. Although they might soothe on application, they ultimately cause dryness and cracking. We then lick our lips to provide moisture, but saliva itself is an irritant, and thus repeats the vicious circle. Seek solace from chapped lips with our natural mineral lip gloss.


Glisten in the sun with mineral lip gloss with SPF

Sun is one of the main irritants that can cause dryness and even burn your lips. While we love spending our moments in the glistening sunshine, it’s important for our skin’s health (including our lips!) to use products that take sun protection seriously. Our mineral lip gloss contains zinc oxide, the active ingredient in SPF 35. So whether you’re soaking up the sun or just need some color to dress up a casual look, Colorescience mineral lip gloss is the secret to soft, beautiful lips.


Shimmer and shine with mineral lip gloss colors

Enhance your lips’ natural beauty with Colorescience mineral lip gloss, available in five unique shades. If you’re tired of sticky glosses that overwhelm your natural look, it’s time to break up with your makeup and fall in love with our mineral lip gloss. Our formula creates a subtle sheen without feeling uncomfortable like other glosses—so you’re left feeling nothing but confident in your look, and your gloss. 


What other mineral cosmetics do you sell?

If you love our natural mineral lip gloss, explore the rest of our cosmetic line to complete your look. Our safe foundation makeup will help keep you radiant every day by both protecting your skin and bringing out your best complexion. Our foundation is non-comedogenic, so you won’t have to worry about clogged pores causing breakouts. Colorescience has an entire collection of mineral powder makeup to suit your skincare routine and enhance your natural beauty!

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