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Sunscreen Allergy

If you struggle with a sunscreen allergy, finding the right sun protection measures can be difficult. Colorescience is dedicated to creating sunscreen products that are suited to every skin type and designed to help you spend time outside without worrying about burn or irritation.



What Does It Mean To Have A Sunscreen Allergy?

You probably understand the risks and consequences related to sunburns and sun damage, but those with sunscreen allergies find it much more difficult to combat the sun’s rays and enjoy their time outdoors. That’s because most brand-name sunscreens are “chemical”, which means they work by absorbing UV rays and converting them to heat. These strong chemical ingredients can cause allergic reactions in certain skin types. If your sensitive skin is prone to allergic reactions, you need allergy free sunscreen in the form of safe mineral powder. Mineral sunscreen for allergic skin rests on the outer layer of epidermis—rather than absorbed internally—to refract UV rays, so you can safely protect your complexion without all those harsh chemicals.


What Does A Sunscreen Allergy Look Like?

CA sunscreen allergy may appear in one of two ways: contact allergy or contact photoallergy. If you have a contact allergy, the allergic reaction will occur anywhere the sunscreen is applied. If you have a contact photoallergy, the allergic reaction will only occur in areas where the sunscreen was applied once exposed to sunshine. Common signs of a sunscreen allergy include swelling, itching, burning, and redness. Both of these reactions occur due to irritating ingredients, fragrances, parabens, and/or PABA. Colorescience offers biodegradable sunscreen that’s as safe for your skin as it is for the environment. Because if you wouldn’t want those chemicals in a landfill, you probably don’t want them absorbed into your skin, right?


Does Colorescience Offer Sunscreens For Those With Sensitive Skin?

Of course! Our gentle sunscreen for allergic skin won’t trigger flare-ups due to contact allergy or contact photoallergy. Now you can protect your skin from the sun without suffering through blotchy redness and itching. Colorescience entire line of cosmetics and skincare uses only the best ingredients for the safest formulas. Whether you’re looking for the best lip gloss for sensitive skin or non-irritating SPF protection, you’ll find it here within our assortment of mineral makeup.

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