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Vegan Sunscreen

Feel good about your skin and how you protect it by wearing Colorescience vegan sunscreen. Defending against the sun’s harmful UV rays is a must, but at what cost? You shouldn’t have to worry about harming the life of an animal while protecting your own vitality! We offer all natural sunscreen that’s 100% cruelty-free and made without any animal ingredients. Shop ethically, think critically, and shine brightly with Colorescience.



What does it mean if sunscreen is vegan?

Vegan sunscreen means that the SPF product formula contains zero animal-based ingredients. If you didn’t think you had to worry about how your skin care and cosmetics might impact your vegan lifestyle, think again… We’re sorry to say that many big-name brands use many cheap fillers that are indeed derived from animals. Fear not—when you shop the Colorescience line of all natural sunscreen, you can trust that all of our SPF products are certified vegan sunscreen.


Is all vegan sunscreen organic and eco-friendly?

Unfortunately not. Companies will spare no expense in the pursuit of profit—even the lives of animals. If you want to avoid placing animal-based ingredients on your body, watch out for these common culprits on the labels of all your beauty products:

  • Lanolin – Animal fat extracted from sheep’s wool

  • Beeswax – Sourced from honeycomb and often used as an emollient

  • Collagen – Protein found in animal tissue

  • Elastin  Protein found in the walls of animal arteries

  • Chitin  Exoskeletons of crustaceans used for color

Navigating vegan sun cream can be tricky, but consumers have the opportunity to protest animal cruelty with every informed purchase they make. It’s important to always read the ingredients on both food labels and cosmetic labels to uphold vegan values. When scanning for SPF protectors, keep in mind that non-toxic sunscreen should never contain chemicals such as oxybenzone that disrupt our bodily functioning when absorbed into the skin. These chemicals also harm wildlife when they make their way into our environment and oceans. By shopping Colorescience natural skin care, you can shop with confidence and spend less time reading labels.


How is vegan sunscreen made?

Our healthy sunscreen is made cruelty-free using only the purest, safest ingredients because we believe you should never have to be fearful of the products you apply on your skin. Formulated with minerals such as zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, Colorescience all natural sunscreen allows you to defend against the sun without the use of toxic chemicals or animal ingredients. Find the formula that fits your preference! If you’re shopping for vegan face sunscreen, check out our Sunforgettable Total Protection Face Shield that’s made with a new EnviroScreen® Technology. Prefer a brush-on powder? We have that, too! Explore our line of all natural screen that’s always 100% cruelty-free, animal-free, chemical-free, paraben-free, and PABA-free—so you can count on wholesome ingredients to protect your radiant complexion.

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