How to Reduce Eye Bags: Removing Bags Under Eyes

The appearance of bags under the eyes is caused by a mild swelling or puffiness that occurs beneath the lower eyelid. The tissues around your eyes are extremely thin and delicate, and as you get older, the fat that helps support your eyes moves into the lower eyelids, causing puffiness and swelling.

what causes under eye bags puffinessUnder-eye bags are a natural part of aging, so consider a daily eye care regimen to combat this as the muscles around your eyes begin to fatigue and weaken. You may also experience under-eye swelling due to allergies, eczema, genetics, or water retention. Follow these tips to learn how to get rid of under-eye bags, and treat puffy eyes that are commonly associated with them.

10 Ways to Get Rid of Eye Bags

How to Get Rid of Eye Bags

  1. Do facial exercises

Physical exercise helps your body maintain strength and flexibility, and it can also be used to strengthen the muscles around your eyes. Slow facial exercises can help tighten and tone muscles to prevent your face from looking tired and worn.

Your eyelids are part of a ring of muscle tissues that control eyelid movement. You can reduce the appearance of eyebrow bags by squinting your lower lids. Gently place your index fingers on the outer corners of your eyes and your middle fingers on the inner corners, then raise your lower lids up and down. Repeat this exercise 10 times a day to strengthen your eyelids and reduce sagging.

  1. Sleep on your back

Sleeping facedown gradually causes fluid and fat to move to your lower lids. To prevent gravity from taking over, sleep face-up to avoid fluid build-up. Consider supporting your head with an extra pillow as well—so long as it doesn’t prevent you from getting a good night’s sleep.

Lack of sleep can also worsen under-eye bags. If you experience dark circles and puffy eyes, keep track of your sleep schedule. You can also try products designed to brighten dark eye areas. Infrequent and erratic sleep patterns inhibit the body from repairing itself, which can make your eyes appear puffy and swollen. Reduce the appearance of under-eye bags by getting about seven to eight hours of sleep every night.

  1. Reduce alcohol intake

Alcohol dehydrates your skin. After a few drinks, the thin skin around your eyes can appear dark, red, and puffy. A night of heavy drinking can also make it difficult to sleep, which can make under-eye bags worse. If you consume alcohol, limit the number of drinks you have throughout the day, and avoid drinking before bed. When you do decide to have a glass of wine or can of beer, prevent dehydration by drinking plenty of water. This will reduce puffiness and keep your eyes looking bright and awake.

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  1. Stop smoking

Smoking is bad for you for a number of reasons—one being the health of your skin. The chemicals in cigarettes and the smoke they produce can dehydrate your skin and cause premature aging. The thin skin around your eyes is especially vulnerable, and smoking can make your eyelids appear irritated, swollen, and saggy. If you’re not a smoker, stay away from second-hand smoke as much as possible to avoid irritating your skin.

  1. Practice proper sun protection

Prolonged sun exposure damages skin, promotes premature aging, and causes dehydration. Gentle mineral-based sunscreen and UV-protection sunglasses can help preserve your eyes and prevent fine lines and wrinkles from forming.

  1. Use a cold compress

A cold compress reduces swelling. Buy a cold compress at your local pharmacy or make your own by covering a bag of ice cubes with a cloth or freezing two spoons. Place the compress on your under-eye bags for several minutes or until it reaches room temperature to reduce puffiness.

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  1. Use mineral based concealer

In a recent study, 53 percent of those surveyed said that under-eye circles and puffiness were their top beauty concern.

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If you suffer from dark circles and under-eye bags, you can use concealer to cover them up. Protect your eyes and cover dark circles by using a mineral concealer. Natural concealers contain gentle ingredients that nourish the skin while covering blemishes. Many cosmetic brands contain harsh chemicals that can damage skin and cause inflammation. Preservatives, fillers, and other additives can irritate the sensitive skin around your eyes and make the bags under your eyes worse.

When you remove your makeup at the end of the day, splash your face with water and wash it off using a natural makeup-remover. Never rub your eyes while removing makeup. Rubbing your eyes with a washcloth will damage the delicate skin there and make your eyes puffy and red. Simply dab your face with a washcloth to dry your skin.

  1. Reduce salt intake

Salt is a necessary part of our diet, but too much salt can lead to water retention. When your body retains water, your skin begins to swell everywhere, from your toes to your eyelids. Limit your consumption of high-sodium foods, like fast food and processed snacks. Reduce the effects of excess sodium in your body by drinking plenty of water after each meal, and further rejuvenate the skin around your eyes with hydrating eye cream.

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  1. Combat allergies

Many people with allergies experience watery, puffy eyes. Combat your allergies with antihistamines, plenty of sleep, and at least 64 ounces of water a day. This can help offset the symptoms of allergies and prevent or reduce the appearance of under-eye bags.

  1. Use teabags

Caffeinated tea is a mild diuretic that helps reduce eye puffiness. These teas contain tannins, a naturally occurring polyphenol that reduces skin irritation. To reduce puffiness and dark circles, soak two tea bags in warm water and chill them for a few minutes in the refrigerator. Place a tea bag on each eye for five minutes for a soothing, refreshing effect.

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Don’t let under-eye bags ruin your day. Learn more about great eye cream product options to incorporate in to your daily skin care routine. Follow these tips and you’re well on your way to a brighter, more youthful look.


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