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Colorescience offers everything you need to take back control over the windows to your soul in our Total Eye™ Collection. Turn on the shine and light up your eyes with Colorescience brightening eye cream. Whether you’re looking to conceal dark circles or you want to erase the signs of pigmentation due to aging, our brightening eye creams are sure to do the trick. Pick your treatment—or for better results, pair day and night treatments together—and make the windows to your soul reveal your inner glow.

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Available in 4 shades

Total Eye® 3-in-1 Renewal Therapy SPF 35




Usually burns, Tans minimally



Sometimes burns, Tans uniformly



Rarely burns, Always tans well



Never burns, Tans very easily

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Total Eye® Concentrate Kit

$119.00 ($130 value)


Total Eye® Restore Regimen

$165.00 ($199 value)

Total Eye cream with cap off

Powerful humectants deliver rich moisture to target visible signs of aging for eyes that look revived and youthful.

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Total Eye® Firm & Repair Cream




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Whether it’s from stress at work, poor sleeping habits, or the chaos called life, sometimes we glance in the mirror shocked to discover that we look as fatigued as we feel. Skin appears dull, pale, and less-than luminous. The area beneath our eyes gets dark and puffy, sending us on a mission to find under eye brightening cream to correct color and breathe life into our complexion.

And while it’s true that fatigue is the leading cause of darkness around your eyes, it turns out that staying up past your bedtime isn’t the only reason we look sleepy or lackluster. Sometimes, no matter how much rest we get, it seems as though stubborn dark circles simply will not fade—until now.

Colorescience brightening eye cream addresses the causes of dark circles beyond the occasional sleep deprivation. Here are a few other reasons why your eyes might appear puffy or dull:

  • Overexposure to sunlight leading to hyperpigmentation
  • Frequently rubbing your eyes
  • Thinning of skin due to aging

As we get older, our collagen production slows down and we lose the healthy fat in our skin that gives it its plump, voluminous glow. As skin gets thinner and weaker in structure, the dark blood vessels beneath the surface start to show, sending us on the hunt for an eye brightening treatment that can restore our radiant shine.

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Our Total Eye™ Collection contains everything you need to address your concerns in one convenient application!

  • Total Eye™ 3-in-1 Renewal Therapy: This effective eye lightening cream delivers immediate AND long-lasting results thanks to its proprietary formula, cooling applicator, and natural tint clinically proven to improve the appearance of dark circles and under eye bags.
  • Total Eye™ Concentrate Kit: If you’re looking for a powerful eye lightening treatment, opt for our concentrated formula that delivers five times the strength. This kit comes with the Colorescience Total Eye™ Hydrogel Treatment Masks for visibly brighter eyes after just one 10-minute application.
  • Total Eye™ Restore Regimen: Achieve the best results with the greatest value by purchasing our Restore Regimen. Your eyes will appear renewed every morning and receive concentrated treatment every night for a complexion that appears noticeably rejuvenated.
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Our hydrating and brightening eye cream is packed with benefits. Follow as directed and watch as it works to:

  • Immediately minimize the appearance of dark circles, puffiness, and eye bags to create a revitalized complexion
  • Brighten skin using a peach-tinted formula for immediate results
  • Deliver cooling hydration and nutrient-rich ingredients
  • Defend against environmental stressors that worsen signs of aging
  • Promote collagen production and cellular integrity
  • Maintain capillary health and optimized blood circulation
  • Provide support for sagging skin in the upper eye area
  • Fill in fine lines and wrinkles

Gone are the days of looking for a separate eye cream for crow’s feet, anti-aging serum, and pigment corrector. With Colorescience under eye brightening cream, you can address all your concerns in one application to achieve fast-acting results.

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