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Dark Spot Corrector Cream

Tackle your hyperpigmentation and restore your harmonious complexion with Colorescience dark spot corrector. Just a few dabs a day and your spots will start to fade away. Our dark spot cream effectively fights to reverse sun damage and signs of aging to reveal a youthful glow.




When you’re on the hunt for a cream for dark spots on the face, you might wonder how you got here in the first place. These things seem to pop up overnight, surprising you by appearing out of nowhere. Unfortunately, hyperpigmentation doesn’t occur as fast as you may think; it’s the gradual result of sun damage that you’ve accumulated throughout the years.

Harmful UV rays penetrate deep into the skin and cause melanocytes, the skin cells responsible for producing melanin, to kick into overdrive. Melanin is the pigment tasked with coloring your skin in an effort to prevent your pale complexion burning from exposure to intense UV light — which explains why you look tan and dark after spending a day in the sun. However, if a melanocyte cell is overactive for too long, it leads to melanin deposits in the skin, which present themselves as brown or gray patches.

The good news is, that while these formations take years to appear, they don’t take years to erase when you diligently apply Even Up Clinical Pigment Perfector SPF 50, Colorescience’s dark spot remover cream.



We offer several dark spot correctors that you can use to conceal the damage you’ve racked up from the sun. Check out our Mineral Corrector Palette that allows you to camouflage brown spots with a shade that neutralizes skin tone. Simply use the brush to apply a few strokes over your hyperpigmented areas to lighten them up and blend them in with your complexion. As an added bonus, this palette comes with a total of five shades that, together, can conceal any blemishes or imperfections you might be troubled with. Plus it’s packed with nourishing ingredients and SPF protection so that you can treat and protect your skin while correcting dark spots.

If you want to truly get to the source of the problem, then check out our Even Up® Corrective Kit for pigmentation. It’s powered by the innovative LUMIRA® Skin Brightening Complex, a formula that has been clinically proven to address the pigmentation process that results in those stubborn brown spots, plus its tinted formula immediately blurs discoloration. Apply half a pump to moisturize skin before applying your mineral face powder and notice the immediate difference it makes in the appearance of your uneven complexion.



In addition to our lineup of healthy cosmetics that can disguise any imperfections, Colorescience can help you wind back the clock in a number of ways. Take our dark circle cream, for example; it does wonders at improving the under-eye appearance so you look bright and well-rested rather than puffy or hollowed out. Are crows feet the bane of your existence? Then turn to the amazing Total Eye 3-in-1 Renewal Therapy® to rejuvenate the windows to your soul.

At Colorescience, we have everything you need to protect yourself against the sun at t same time while simultaneously perfecting the damage that’s already occurred.


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If you love our natural mineral lip gloss, explore the rest of our cosmetic line to complete your look. Our safe foundation makeup will help keep you radiant every day by both protecting your skin and bringing out your best complexion. Our foundation is non-comedogenic, so you won’t have to worry about clogged pores causing breakouts. Colorescience has an entire collection of mineral powder makeup to suit your skincare routine and enhance your natural beauty!

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