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Face Powder For Oily Skin

A little shine shouldn’t stand in the way of your radiant glow. That’s why we offer mineral powder for oily skin—so you can achieve a flawless look, minus the greasy foundation. Colorescience is your number one source for makeup that thinks about your skin from the inside out. Shop our nourishing, skin-friendly formulas that help cut down on shine while combating oil production.



How Do I Take Care of Oily Skin?

Feeling a little shiny? Greeting a glistening face in the mirror can make many feel insecure or compelled to immediately blot the sheen away. Take it easy on yourself; hormone imbalance, genetics, and diet all play a role in oil (AKA sebum) production. Sebum keeps our skin nice and hydrated, but too much of it can clog pores, trigger acne, and create shine—leading you to search for face powder for oily skin.

Instead of concealing your complexion, enhance your skin from the inside-out. As a general rule of thumb, avoid products with harsh chemicals and only apply gentle ingredients to your skin. We have you covered with our line of cosmetics made from natural ingredients, whether it’s our organic face powder for oily skin or PABA-free sunscreen.

Don’t let that oil fool you; you still need to apply moisturizer to keep your sebum production in check—just stick to our non-comedogenic formula that won’t clog pores. Oil-free sunscreen is a must, considering how exposure to the sun can cause you to sweat and excrete more oil, making your oily skin problem even worse. We offer face powder with SPF for oily skin types, designed with you in mind, in order to deliver generous sun protection without all that greasiness that tends to come along.


What Makeup for Oily Skin Should I Choose?

Take control of shine using makeup that works with your skin, not against it. You can feel confident that our color correctors, illuminators, and face powders won’t worsen acne or trigger flare-ups. Start your makeup application with our SPF foundation for oily skin so you can fill fine lines and defend against harmful UV rays at the same time. 

With a primed canvas, apply our mineral powder for oily skin for a mattefying effect, and watch all day as our proprietary formula keeps shine at bay. Finish with our setting spray and a dab of healthy lip gloss before heading out the door!

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