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Colorescience Finishing Touch Protocol

Get ready to unleash your inner radiance, nourish your skin, and enhance your natural beauty with Colorescience Finishing Touch Protocol. From tinted lip shine to redness corrector and hydrating mist, our Finishing Touch Protocol line has everything you need to complete your look—while accessing the long term benefits of our formulations.



Are Finishing Touch Protocol Products Considered Makeup or Skincare Solutions? 

Both! All of the products in our Finishing Touch Protocol line are crafted from only the best natural ingredients to help nourish your skin—while providing the concealing, highlighting, and hydrating effects you look for in your favorite makeup products. From our brightening pigment protector to our best eye cream for puffy eyes, Finishing Touch by Colorescience has all of your makeup (and skincare) needs covered!


Will Colorescience Products Work For My Skin?

Each and every one of our products are made with natural, nutrient-rich ingredients to provide immediate and long term benefits for your skin—no matter what skin type you have! Why? We think every skin type is beautiful, and you deserve to feel radiant always—even when you’re feeling too dry, too oily, or just a little dull. By combining nourishing ingredients and tested formulas that address problem areas, our products help you achieve that natural glow you’ve always dreamed of!

Dry, patchy skin taking a hit to your self-esteem? Try our foundation for dry skin and experience better coverage, more moisture, and tinted formula that actually suits your skin type.


Is There SPF in All of Your Finishing Touch Protocol Products?

If there’s one thing should work into your makeup routine right now, it’s sun protection. Harmful UV rays are most often the guilty party for signs of aging, imperfections, and common types of skin cancer. So what are you waiting for? 

Each product in our Finishing Touch Protocol line includes varying degrees of SPF to ensure you’re covered from your pout to your T-zone, and everywhere in between. 


Which Finishing Touch Protocol Should I Choose?

No matter which Finishing Touch Protocol product(s) you choose, you’re sure to experience both immediate and long-lasting benefits, thanks to our dermatologist-tested and recommended formulas. You truly can’t go wrong whether you opt for all in one mineral makeup, our signature SUNFORGETTABLE® TOTAL PROTECTION™, or our popular clinical redness corrector. Finishing Touch Protocol is designed to include everything you need to feel beautiful—with or without makeup on.

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