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Tired, puffy eyes are no way to start your day. With Colorescience puffy eye cream, you can nourish the windows to your soul, prevent signs of aging, and ensure you’re always looking refreshed and ready to take on the day!



What Is The Best Eye Cream For Puffy Eyes?

Suffering from puffy or sleepy eyes, no matter how much beauty rest you get? Meet Colorescience eye cream for puffy eyes. Our puffy eye cream is made with all of the essential nutrients your skin needs to achieve that well-rested glow you strive for each morning. What’s more, our formula runs the gamut for skincare needs around the eye area—acting as a preemptive measure for fine lines, concealer for puffy circles, and as a targeted SPF solution that protects the skin around your eyes from harmful UV rays.

From preventative care to concealing and highlighting, all of our formulas are focused on providing your skin with the high-quality nutrients and care it needs. Our expertly crafted solutions, including our puffy eye cream, are dermatologist tested and recommended. So, you can rest assured that you’re taking the best care of your skin— even when you’re simply following your day-to-day makeup routine!


What About Dark Circles — Does Colorescience Puffy Eye Cream Help With That, Too?

Absolutely! Our best under eye cream for puffy eyes does more than just reduce inflammation around your eyelids. When you invest in Colorescience puffy eye cream, you also unlock benefits like brightening dark circles and filling fine lines. Plus, our puffy eye cream contains 35 SPF that ensures the delicate skin surrounding your eyes is protected from UV rays that can intensify wrinkling, dark spots, and other signs of aging. Looking for a product to help treat deeper lines around the eyes? Try our eye cream for crow’s feet to complement our puffy eye cream!


When Should I Apply Puffy Eye Cream?

Apply puffy eye cream as part of your daily makeup routine to minimize the appearance of redness, puffiness, and dark circles before applying your other everyday cosmetics for an effortlessly natural glow.

Loving the supple, refreshed look you achieve when you use our eye cream for puffy eyes? Maximize treatment benefits by applying our puffy eye cream again just before bed. This allows our formula to work with your skin’s natural oils to permeate outermost layer of the skin to promote healthy, glowing skin from the inside, out.


How Else Can I Step-Up My Skincare Routine?

Each of our products contains SPF and rich minerals that nourish your skin—from our best eye cream for puffy dark circles to our lip shine. No matter which area of your face you applying our formulas, you can be confident that you’re taking preventative and remedial action to take better care of your skin.

Colorescience products are tailored to your unique skin type—each enriched with nourishing minerals that beautify your skin, with or without makeup. From mineral powder for dry skin to mattifying primer, we’re proud to make skincare and makeup products that bring out the best in you!

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