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Liquid Foundation

Our luscious liquid foundations are designed to nourish your skin and smooth out your complexion. Try our creamy hydrating formula for optimal coverage and skin care results. Feel confident in your skin with a liquid foundation that can be applied to every skin type.



Is Liquid Foundation or Powder Better?

When it comes to foundation, there are two types: liquid and powder. Powder foundations can be loose or compact, and liquids can be thin or creamy. Powder and liquid mineral makeup can be used together or on their own, and what you should use depends on your preference and skin type.


What Skin Type Does Powder Foundation Work With?

Powder foundation is good for dry, oily, or combination skin. Powder foundation for dry skin works well on its own or in combination with certain kinds of liquid foundation. People choose this foundation to achieve a light matte look. The drawback to powder foundation is that it doesn't provide as much coverage. On its own, it doesn't fill fine lines and pores, and it isn't as good as covering blemishes as liquid foundation. Powder foundation is often used with cream concealers to help minimize the appearance of discoloration and breakouts. Matte makeup foundation is a great alternative if applied correctly. We offer all sorts of safe mineral makeup so you can find your favorite formula.


What Skin Type Does Liquid Foundation Work With?

On the other hand, liquid mineral makeup foundation is generally better at filling large pores, wrinkles, and fine lines. It creates a slightly dewy look that gives your face a natural glow. Colorescience provides a water-based whipped foundation for oily skin. With other cosmetic brands, it can difficult to match liquid foundation to oily skin due to the addition of more oils. Often oil-based foundations conflict and trap dirt and debris to cause acne. Our makeup collection of non-comedogenic foundation is designed to combat oil and soothe skin without clogged pores. Water-based mineral liquid foundations and sensitive skin foundations can hydrate and minimize the look of oily skin, getting rid of that pesky shine.


How Do I Get Full Coverage with Liquid Foundation?

If you want to combine both for fuller coverage, it's important to know whether you should use powder or liquid mineral makeup to start. Apply a thin layer of liquid foundation first (applying a thin layer is key so it doesn't compete with your powder). Then apply a light dusting of foundation powder for oily skin if your skin is prone to shine. You may want to dab the powder on to keep from smearing the liquid foundation. Choose our mineral foundation SPF 30—one of our most popular mineral liquid foundations—and mineral foundation primer to create a flawless unforgettable look. Apply a dab of mineral lip gloss to perfect your pout before you head out the door!

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