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Primer For Sensitive Skin

Facial primer is the key to long-lasting makeup. If you have sensitive skin, you need a primer that provides full-coverage while protecting your delicate complexion. Colorescience primer for sensitive skin gives you the base you need to keep makeup in place while giving you a healthy glow.



Why Should I Wear Primer?

Primer is used as a base underneath foundation in order to keep makeup in place throughout the day. Colorescience face primer for sensitive skin helps fill in fine lines and conceal large pores to create a perfectly smooth texture you can wear on its own or beneath foundation. If your makeup tends to get smeared or melt throughout the day, our hypoallergenic face primer will help lock your makeup in place so you can enjoy full coverage from day to night.


I Have Sensitive Skin. Can I Still Wear Primer?

Our primer for sensitive skin is made with gentle, natural ingredients. If other products make your skin red, blotchy, or itchy, try our hypoallergenic primer for face and experience the treatment your skin deserves. We offer primer for sensitive skin catered to both oily and dry types, so your complexion is sure to receive the specially formulated product it craves. As an added bonus, all of our primers contain zinc oxide sunscreen—making SPF application an effortless part of your morning routine. Sensitive skin types have to worry about products triggering flare-ups, but our lightweight, breathable formulas are non-comedogenic. We offer the best sunscreen for acne so you stress less over sudden breakouts and focus more on sun protection.


How Do I Apply Primer?

After you apply your favorite moisturizer, dab a light layer of our hypoallergenic primer with your fingertip or a small cosmetic sponge. Spread evenly throughout the skin to create a firm, matte finish. After you add your primer, brush-on our mineral makeup for naturally brighter-looking skin. When used together, our foundation plus primer for sensitive skin creates a smoothly textured complexion with defense against the sun’s UV rays. Add safe lip gloss to your look to prevent a chapped out pout, and carry our compact brush-on makeup with you for easy touch-ups throughout the day.

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