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Safe Sunscreen for Kids & Toddlers

Your little ones have sensitive skin and deserve delicate care, so it’s important to use safe sunscreen for kids whenever they’re out in the sun. Painful sunburns are never fun, but neither are harsh chemicals found in many SPF formulas that can cause irritation and release toxins in the body. Colorescience offers the best sunscreen for kids, made with gentle, natural ingredients—so you can protect their skin, without negatively affecting their health.




Yes! Our mineral sunscreen is specially formulated to be non-irritating, so it’s ideal for children’s sensitive skin. We crafted our mineral sunscreen for children and babies (6 months and older) using simple, effective ingredients. Some formula labels found on chemical SPF products can raise red flags, but when you shop with Colorescience, you can count on the best sunscreen for kids, always made to the highest grade.

We offer several types of kid-safe sunscreen, each with a unique formula and application method designed for different situations:

Note that although spray-on formulas may be convenient to apply on kids, the airborne chemicals often released by aerosol products can harm the respiratory tract upon inhalation, contaminate the bloodstream with toxins, and irritate skin sensitivities.



Some consumers are unaware of the concerning ingredients commonly found in chemical SPF formulas. As a parent, protecting your little one is a top priority, so it’s important to learn about the potential dangers and know which ingredients to avoid when shopping for kid-safe sunscreen.

Harsh chemicals and low-grade fillers can be harmful to anyone in the family, but children are at a greater risk of sensitivity because their immune system is less adept to handling foreign molecules within the bloodstream.

To understand the risk at hand, you should know that chemical sunscreens work by first absorbing into skin. After passing through the skin barrier, active ingredients then filter UV light by converting the rays into heat, and the body releases the heat caused by the chemical reaction back out through the skin. However, the chemical compounds (known as toxins) often remain in the bloodstream and circulate throughout the body thereafter.

The heat reaction alone is enough to make children break out in hives and cause itchy rashes—which unfortunately, are worsened under exposure to the warm sun—but several toxins introduce their own set of trouble such as:

  • Avobenzone – a UVA filter that’s very unstable and degrades quickly under sunlight, leading to the formation of damaging free radicals
  • Octinoxate – an active ingredient known to disrupt the thyroid gland and negatively impact the endocrine system
  • Oxybenzone – one of the most widely-used filters found in chemical SPF that can interfere with hormonal functions and tests positive in breast milk samples after permeating the skin barrier

These are just a few examples of the common chemicals to avoid when shopping for toxin-free sunscreen, which make for the best sunscreen for kids. However, parents should also be aware of fillers and preservatives, such as PABA and parabens, that can aggravate skin sensitivities for users of any age.



If you’re looking for safe sunscreen for kids, there’s no better choice than Colorescience. We provide safe and natural sunscreen that you can apply on the whole family! Our formulas are made with high-quality ingredients derived from nature, saving you the stress of uncomfortable skin irritation and harmful toxins in the body.

The active mineral ingredients, zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, found within our lineup of products have naturally reflective properties that scatter and refract the sun’s UV rays for broad-spectrum SPF protection—without ever permeating the skin barrier, entering the bloodstream, or initiating a chemical reaction.

Children’s skin is especially vulnerable to the harmful UVA/UVB light, so it’s crucial they wear safe sunscreen for kids each and every time they’re exposed to the sun; a single blistering sunburn in their childhood can double your child’s risk of melanoma later in life. However, the sun isn’t the only environmental aggressor parents should be wary of when it comes to their children’s vitality; air pollution, blue light, and infrared waves encountered throughout the day may also lead to the formation of damaging free radicals.

Our formula considers these threats at every angle because we believe the safest sunblock for kids should offer more than just broad-spectrum SPF. That’s why Colorescience provides parents with the best sunscreen for kids, made to defend against the many environmental stressors encountered in day-to-day life.

We go above and beyond by including nutrient-rich antioxidants to our formulas in order to keep skin hydrated and healthy, preserving its soft and smooth quality. The antioxidants also work wonders on older complexions, as they help treat damaged DNA within skin cell tissue that was incurred by free radicals.



The safest sunscreen for toddlers should never contain questionable chemicals nor low-grade ingredients. All Colorescience Total Protection™ products are made with the highest quality and promise to be:

  • Hypoallergenic
  • Paraben-free
  • Sulfate-free
  • Oil-free
  • Fragrance-free
  • Gluten-free

Our gentle formula results in the best sunscreen for toddlers, kids, and family members of all ages.



Bear in mind that although we offer sunscreen safe for babies, most medical professionals agree that parents should avoid applying sunscreen until your little one has reached six months of age. However, kid-safe sunscreen containing zinc oxide may be used on small patches of skin. Before this time, use other sun protection methods.

New and expecting mothers should wear sunscreen safe for pregnancy in order to avoid contaminating their breast milk with potentially harmful toxins such as oxybenzone.



Yes; Colorescience mineral sunscreen is gentle, yet powerfully effective. Whereas chemical SPF works by transcending the skin barrier and converting UV light into heat, we choose physical active ingredients that provide defense by resting on the outer layer of skin and shielding the delicate tissue beneath.

Don’t cut any corners when it comes to your children’s critical defense against environmental stressors. Choose Colorescience for your source of the best sunscreen for kids and give everyone in the family the safe protection they deserve.

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