Dark Spot Remover

Address hyperpigmentation and conceal signs of sun damage across your complexion using Colorescience’s dark spot remover. With just a few dabs of our dark spot corrector each day, your stubborn dark spots will begin to fade away. Our lightening treatment helps correct the appearance of sun-damaged skin with both immediate and long-lasting results.

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If you’re searching for a dark spot remover that can treat the brown patches obstructing an otherwise smooth, even skin tone, you might be wondering what causes these blemishes to appear in the first place. Sometimes, they seem to pop up overnight and surprise you out of nowhere, while other times, they grow increasingly darker and more pronounced.

Whether you notice a sunspot one morning or watch them develop over a month, the underlying cause is all the same: hyperpigmentation.

Hyperpigmentation is the gradual result of sun damage you’ve accumulated throughout the years. Harmful ultraviolet (UV) light is cast from the sun’s rays and penetrates deep into the skin, causing melanocytes—the skin cells responsible for producing melanin—to kick into overdrive.

Melanin is the pigment tasked with tanning your skin to a darker tone in order to protect your paler complexion from burning due UV light exposure, which explains why you may look golden and bronzed after spending a day in the sun. However, if a melanocyte cell is overactive for too long, it leads to melanin deposits in the skin that present themselves as brown or gray patches known as “sunspots”.

The good news is, that while these formations take years to appear, they don’t take years to erase when you diligently apply Even Up Clinical Pigment Perfector SPF 50, Colorescience’s dark spot remover cream.

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Colorescience offers the best dark spot corrector made with only the highest-quality ingredients. We have several treatments you can choose from to find the solution the suits your needs:

  • EVEN UP® CLINICAL PIGMENT PERFECTOR® SPF 50 – This dark spot cream comes lightly tinted to instantly blur brown spots and lighten the appearance of pigment deposits within the skin. The 3-in-1 formula is clinically tested to diffuse the appearance of skin discoloration, protect against future damage from environmental aggressors, and brighten dark spots with our proprietary LUMIRA® Skin Brightening Complex.

  • EVEN UP® CORRECTIVE KIT FOR PIGMENTATION – For more effective results, bolster your skincare with this comprehensive kit that includes additional sunscreen protection as well as our dark spot corrector and hydrating setting mist.

  • PEP UP® COLLAGEN RENEWAL FACE & NECK TREATMENT – To combat several signs of aging, add this powerful treatment to your regimen. It works as a dark spot corrector by enhancing skin tone and texture, while also supporting healthy collagen production and diminishing the appearance of wrinkles to deliver a rejuvenated look.

  • BRIGHTENING PERFECTOR FACE PRIMER SPF 2O – You may also benefit from our facial primer that’s slightly yellow tinted to give your skin an illuminating boost. Apply it after our dark spot serum and before your makeup application to extend its wear.

When shopping for dark spot removers, be wary of any product that claims to deliver overnight results, because there is no such miracle cure, and watch out for harsh chemicals or bleaching agents that may cause your skin to flare up in response to sensitivity.

Many dermatologists and estheticians offer chemical peels and laser treatments that can blast brown spots, but these treatments are often expensive and require the administration of skincare professionals. It’s a typically good idea to start with a skincare regimen at home that includes a dark spot cream before exploring these advanced treatments.

It’s important to pay close attention to the symptoms your skin is displaying, as there may be a few reasons why your complexion appears uneven in tone or texture. Our dark spot serum is specifically designed to address sunspots caused by hyperpigmentation, but if you’re battling skin around the eyes that appears puffy or ashen—no matter how much sleep you get—then you likely require a separate treatment.

The skin in this region is particularly delicate and thin, and the shaded tone you see is actually due to a loss of fat in the tissue that causes skin to become more translucent, revealing the dark blue veins beneath. To address this concern, we offer dark circle eye cream made with a targeted formula that helps restore cellular integrity—rather than using a dark spot serum that’s made to treat pigmentation problems caused by melanin, and yielding little results for a separate underlying problem.

Whether you need a redness corrector to calm irritated skin or an effective solution for sunspots, Colorescience offers customized treatments that are tailored to your skin’s unique needs.

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We offer a line of cosmetics that pair perfectly with our skincare treatments so you can conceal the external appearance of dark spots while healing the problem internally. If you’re searching for healthy foundations that are safe on skin, we offer a variety of formulas ranging from loose powder to lightweight liquid formulas that can help you achieve the coverage you’re looking for.

Our MINERAL CORRECTOR PALETTE SPF 20 also moonlights as a dark spot remover; simply use a brush to apply a few luminescent strokes, brighten the patch of pigmented skin, and blend it into your surrounding complexion to buff away its appearance.

Explore our entire cosmetic collection to find the right skin-enhancing formula that can hide dark spots and beautify your complexion, while catering to your preferences.

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Most dark spot removers cannot entirely erase every trace of hyperpigmentation, as the cellular structure has been permanently damaged. Many can fade over time with the right skin care treatment, but they typically do not disappear completely.

Our products are clinically tested and prove to significantly reduce the appearance of sunspots with noticeable results. They not only help you appear younger by treating years of accumulated damage, but they’re also packed with critical sunscreen to prevent the condition from worsening.

At Colorescience, we have everything you need to protect yourself against the sun while simultaneously correcting the damage that’s already occurred. Our formulas are safe and gentle, yet powerful and effective, for long-lasting results you can rely on.

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