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Using Colorescience primer with SPF means that you can spend your days carefree in the summer sun without having to pay the ultimate cost of aging skin. Protecting your face and looking flawless has never been easier with our versatile range of SPF 20 face primers that can calm, brighten, or bronze.

Our innovative sunscreen-primer formula is protective, water-resistant, and enhancing so you’ll want to use it every day.

All Calm® Corrective Kit For Redness

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The short answer - yes! However, not all primers with SPF are created equal. Since the skin on your face is especially delicate, the products you use should contain at least SPF 15. We’re obsessed with safeguarding your skin from sun damage so we recommend facial primers that are SPF 20 or higher. We even offer primer with SPF 50 for protection against 98% of UVB rays.

Introducing a face primer with SPF to your beauty routine is a great way to protect your skin while simultaneously perfecting your complexion by smoothing fine lines, refining pores, and preventing shine. It’s the ultimate win-win!

Not only do they work, but you’ll save money. Instead of buying a special sunscreen for your face that doesn’t break you out as well as a basic primer, you can enjoy the peace of mind that your SPF primer is pulling double duty.

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Some tinted sunscreens can conceal minor blemishes but first and foremost, they’re designed to protect your skin from the sun. The better question is “is sunscreen a good primer?”. Not really... while sunscreen is essential for full-body skincare, it’s lacking in its ability to provide the staying-power your foundation needs, especially on the hottest days.

There’s almost nothing worse than spending the time to put on a full face while on vacation only to feel your makeup sliding off after an hour because your sunscreen prevented your makeup from setting correctly. It’s also inconvenient that you have to reapply every few hours and some sunscreens can even make skin flaky or worsen other issues.

Makeup with SPF is the revolutionary solution to these frustrating problems. To help you in the fight against your skin woes through every season, we’ve even formulated a special face primer for dry skin so you can maintain a fresh and hydrated appearance in the coldest of months.

Simply put, face primer is a powerful tool in any makeup bag because it blurs imperfections and helps your makeup remain intact longer, so you’re photo-ready, even on your most active days.

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If you’re using a separate sunscreen and primer, you will want to put on your sunblock first for the best protection. Sounds like kind of a pain though, right? Instead of applying sunscreen, waiting for it to dry, then applying your primer, using makeup primer with SPF makes getting ready for some fun in the sun easier with one simple step.

By finding the right primer for your skin type, you can stop worrying and live your life to the fullest knowing your skin’s protected and thriving. Colorescience SPF facial primers are the perfect solution, whether you want to use it alone for a natural-looking boost to your complexion or as the first step in your makeup routine.

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