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No one likes to wake up to a reflection with dark and puffy eye bags staring back at them, and yet sometimes it seems like no matter how well-rested we are, these sleepy circles and signs of aging just won’t go away. If you want to restore your youthful and rested appearance, turn to Colorescience’s eye bag cream that’s been clinically proven to reduce their appearance.




We’ve all had one or two late-nighters that make us look visibly tired in the morning, but it’s not always lack of sleep that causes under eye bags to form (then stubbornly fade away). Unfortunately, as we grow older, we begin to slow down the rate of collagen and elastin production in our skin cells—the two proteins that are responsible for making our skin strong and voluminous.

Couple the lack of structural integrity in our cellular walls with the power of gravity, and you get an effect that appears to droop or sag. The tissues around your eyes that once held up your eyelids weaken and the fat that made your eyes appear plump begins to drop into your lower lids, causing them to look puffy. With fewer and thinner skin cells, dark tissue and blood vessels become more visible, so we turn to dark circle eye cream to combat the signs of aging.



The sooner you start using an under eye bag cream, the better. The potent ingredients contained in the Colorescience line of eye treatments work better when they can protect your delicate skin and prevent damage from occurring rather than working retroactively to fix it.

Depending on your skincare routine and how often you use your eye bag cream with everyday makeup, they can improve immediately, stick around for a week, or take years to erase. But the good news is that you don’t have to feel stuck with them forever.



Colorescience offers several eye bag removal creams within our Total Eye® Collection that are clinically proven to reduce the appearance of dark and puffy bags beneath your eyes:

Once these foreign compounds enter the bloodstream, they unleash a variety of consequences, including disruption to the endocrine system and hormonal regulation. Worse yet, chemicals such as oxybenzone not only penetrate all three layers of skin, but they’ve also tested present in urine and breast milk. That means these toxins are passed onto other immunity systems and ecosystems. If you think it’s not a warrant for concern, just note that one singular drop of oxybenzone in an Olympic-sized pool is enough to kill coral reefs altogether—that’s why Hawaii has led the way by banning chemical SPF outright. Here’s to you, Aloha State.

Our customers see immediate improvements thanks to their brightening effect, but it’s important to pair your regimen with daily non-toxic sunscreen application to prevent the sun’s harmful UV rays from doing any further damage to this delicate region of your complexion, where the skin is much thinner and prone to developing signs of age.



Use Colorescience’s eye bag removal cream to naturally reduce the appearance of dark and puffy eyes. Many people also deal with the development of fine lines and crow’s feet around the corners of their eyes as the skin becomes dry and brittle; by pairing your eye bag cream with our tinted SPF, you can improve the appearance of wrinkles and discoloration while protecting your complexion from the sun’s aging effects. You can achieve greater coverage by adding our pigment corrector and mineral foundation to your makeup application.

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