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Makeup For Sensitive Skin

If you struggle with a complexion that’s easily irritated, then it’s time to invest in makeup for sensitive skin made with formulas that nourish from the inside out. Our sensitive skin makeup helps enhance the appearance of your skin without triggering redness or inflammation—because harsh ingredients are the last thing you should apply to your delicate complexion.




Can I Protect My Skin from the Sun with Sensitive Skin Cosmetics?

You don’t need to slather on strong sunscreen to protect your skin from the sun. Instead, use Colorescience mineral makeup for sensitive skin—it’s formulated with safe, natural ingredients to deliver broad spectrum UV coverage. Our brush-on makeup with SPF helps you achieve a silky smooth complexion without irritating your delicate skin. As one of the leading titanium dioxide sunscreen brands, Colorescience uses organic ingredients in our sensitive cosmetic formulas; they lack the cheap fillers and harsh chemicals found in other makeup brands that commonly irritate skin.

Say farewell to flare-ups when you wear Colorescience natural mineral makeup. Big-box products tend to contain cheap, pore-clogging, skin-irritating ingredients, but our makeup for sensitive skin is non-comedogenic—so you can keep your complexion clear and bright.

If you’re shopping makeup for sensitive skin, be extra mindful of the label on your face sunscreen. Chemical sunscreens typically worsen touchy skin types due to their active ingredients, so in order to avoid patchy redness, you should only apply sunscreen without oxybenzone. When you shop with Colorescience, you never need to worry about those yucky chemicals wreaking havoc on your delicate complexion.

Our sensitive skin makeup contains SPF protection, prevents breakouts, and controls oil—all without drying your skin. What more could you ask? If you need to make touch-ups throughout the day, our mineral powder comes in a portable tube that you can fit neatly in your bag for effortless application.


I Have Blemishes. How Do I Hide Them Without Looking Cakey?

Steer clear of brands that use artificial ingredients which can make blemishes worse and shop makeup for sensitive skin instead. Our cosmetics help naturally conceal your blemishes without that cakey look found elsewhere. Start with a sensitive skin face primer to create a smooth base and even out your skin tone. Apply a fine layer of our foundation for sensitive skin to fill fine lines and cut shine. Refine your look with our selection of blushes, bronzers, and eye palettes for the perfect photo-finish. Complete your look with our lip gloss for sensitive lips to keep your lips hydrated and you’re all set!

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