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Sunscreen Without Oxybenzone

Oxybenzone, despite the threat it poses to our bodies, is one of the most common filters found in chemical sunscreens. Colorescience offers sunscreen without oxybenzone to give you safe UV protection that you can trust. Choose our mineral sunblock without oxybenzone to protect yourself from the sun minus the exposure to harsh, toxic ingredients.



What Is Oxybenzone?

Oxybenzone is a toxic chemical found in most commercial sunscreens. It forms readily soluble, colorless crystals with the primary function of absorbing UV light. However, oxybenzone is also absorbed by the skin and thereby enters the bloodstream where it stays for an unknown amount of time. Studies have found oxybenzone in blood, urine, and breast milk samples, and have linked the chemical with endocrine-disruption and hormonal problems.



Chemical sunscreens may also contain potentially dangerous, toxic filters such as octinoxate, octisalate, and homosalate. It’s harsh, cheap ingredients like these that cause many consumers to develop a sunscreen allergy, despite having the best intentions of protecting their skin. Avoid the risk of rashes and flare-ups altogether by shopping for sunscreen without oxybenzone — nor any of its chemical counterparts — and choose Colorescience all-natural mineral sunscreen instead.

When you shop Colorescience physical sunblock, you can purchase with confidence knowing that your product is only made with wholesome ingredients, each and every time. We don’t stop at non-toxic sunscreen; we guarantee that all of our formulas are free of cheap preservatives and filler ingredients typically found in big-name brands, so you can feel good about applying PABA free sunscreen that lacks adverse side effects. Stop scanning labels and switch to the company that you can trust is safe for you and your family. Everything we make — from UV protectors to complexion perfectors, enhancers, advanced treatments, and more — will never contain parabens nor involve animal cruelty. We believe in delivering only the best, made from the best. That’s the Colorescience promise.



Whereas chemical sunscreens absorb into the skin, mineral sunscreen without oxybenzone sits on the skin’s surface to physically diffract harmful UV rays. Our formula uses zinc oxide and titanium dioxide to filter UV light instead of relying on the use of toxic chemicals to convert heat. Physical sunscreen is gentle to your body, resting on top of the skin — and staying there as it should. That means we provide safe sunscreen for babies in addition to sunscreen for sensitive skin. No one wants to jeopardize their overall health or the appearance of their complexion when the end goal is protecting your skin, and now, you don’t have to.



Applying SPF with zinc oxide and titanium dioxide is easy with Colorescience’s self-dispensing brush. All you need to do is sweep the applicator on our mineral powder sunscreen in small, circular motions to release the powder 30 minutes before sun exposure for broad-spectrum protection. Prefer liquid formulas over powder? No problem, we offer creamy blends of sunscreen without SPF that you can blend in for full coverage.

Whichever product you prefer, you can trust the slight pigment to blend in naturally, never looking white or chalky like you might find in physical sunscreen offered elsewhere. Our SPF is designed to not only protect your complexion, but enhance its appearance by concealing blemishes and fine lines. It works from the inside-out, packed with rich and hydrating nutrients that work to improve your skin’s complexion as it shields it against the damaging effects of the sun. This means you can skip the two-step process every morning and get out the door — safely protected from the sun — faster than before.


Is Colorescience Sunscreen Safe?

Absolutely. We offer safe mineral makeup and oxybenzone-free sunscreen that will never include harsh chemicals or dyes known to trigger skin irritation. Our powder sunscreen for sensitive skin uses gentle ingredients and promises safe protection against the sun. Use Colorescience sunscreen with zinc oxide for a natural UV defense that’s free of harmful ingredients and shop our entire line of cosmetics, crafted with skincare in mind.

We cater to every unique skin type—from dry to oily and sensitive complexions—formulated to your skin’s unique needs. From the Colorescience Finishing Touch Protocol to pigmentation correction, you’re sure to find the right skincare solution for your beauty routine. Shop with confidence knowing your purchase comes with a money-back guarantee—and add a free sample to your sunscreen without oxybenzone to explore more products you’re sure to love!

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