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Sagging Eyelids Cream

No one enjoys being greeted by a reflection that betrays age. If you feel like you’re looking at an older version of yourself and the windows to your soul are beginning to droop, it’s time to invest in the best eye cream for sagging eyelids. Colorescience sagging eye cream saves the day every time, helping skin restore its plump and perky qualities.



Why do I Need Sagging Eyelid Cream?

It’s all about a magical little word called “collagen”. Collagen (along with elastin) is a protein responsible for making your skin strong and stretchy. Unfortunately, as we get older, collagen production severely slows down and the fibers become less and less present in our skin. Our weaker skin is forced to battle against the force of gravity, which leads to sagging cheeks and eyelids.

You don’t need to purchase sagging eyelid cream, per se, but many women find this premature sign of aging unsightly as it takes away from a youthful, bright, and doe-eyed appearance. If you want to roll back the clock and take over control of your reflection, Colorescience offers the best eye cream for sagging eyelids that can strengthen skin and show gravity what’s up.


How does Eye Cream for Sagging Eyelids Work?

Colorescience Total Eye™ 3-in-1 Renewal Therapy SPF 35 works by restoring skin health. Powerful, clinical ingredients deliver rich doses of hydration that support the sagging skin in the upper eye area. It also comes with a cooling applicator that reduces puffiness around the eyes. Dealing with dark circles, too? No problem! This 3-in-1 sagging eyelid cream is tinted in a neutral peach tone that immediately brightens and corrects dark circles, making you appear younger and well-rested instantly upon application.

You can also explore the Colorescience Total Eye™ Restore Regimen, which includes a sagging eyelid cream in addition to a concentrated blend of ingredients for overnight use, as well as hydrogel treatment masks. Colorescience cosmetics place skincare first, so whether you need anti-aging sunscreen or matte foundation, you can feel confident in the quality of your product.


Is Sagging Eyelid Cream Safe?

Some creams contain chemicals that are too harsh to apply to the thin, delicate skin around your eyes, but our eye cream is safe when used as instructed. From our toxic-free sunscreen to healthy lip gloss, all Colorescience products are made with wholesome ingredients.

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