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Sunspots, dark circles, and red patches are obstacles that can stand in the way of a harmonious complexion—but uneven skin shouldn’t detract from your beautiful shine. Colorescience offers even skin tone cream to help correct discoloration and common signs of aging, so you can roll back the clock and restore your youthful radiance.

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What is the best cream to even skin tone?

If you’re looking for an even skin tone cream, Colorescience offers several products designed to target your exact needs. In order to pick out the best cream to even the skin tone on your unique complexion, you should first start out by identifying what problems you’d like to target. Explore our lineup of treatments that can help you achieve the results you’re after.


Even Skin Tone Cream for Hyperpigmentation

Commonly known as sunspots, hyperpigmentation is the result of accumulated sun exposure throughout the years. When harmful UV light absorbs into skin, they form free radicals that damage cellular structure, causing skin to lose its firmness and elasticity, which then leads to wrinkles. UV light also triggers the increased production of melanocytes—the cells responsible for producing melanin, or the dark pigment that tans skin under sun exposure. Melanin helps protect skin tissue from the damage caused by UV radiation, but when overproduced in large quantities, it can lead to hyperpigmentation that we see as brown sunspots on our complexion.

To improve the appearance of discoloration, Colorescience offers several creams to even skin tone:

  • EVEN UP® CLINICAL PIGMENT PERFECTOR® SPF 50 – This product corrects uneven skin tone while preventing further damage incurred by the sun. It’s lightly tinted to blur uneven brown spots for immediate improvement, while the powerful ingredients in our proprietary formula reach deep below the skin to deliver lasting results.

  • PEP UP® COLLAGEN RENEWAL FACE & NECK TREATMENT – To repair and defend against visible signs of aging, this treatment works to enhance skin tone and texture while diminishing the appearance of wrinkles. It fights free radicals and promotes collagen production to deliver a healthy, harmonious complexion.


Even Skin Tone Cream for Dark Circles

Dark circles are another common sign of aging that can appear no matter how well-rested we may be. As we get older, our natural collagen and elastin production slows down, and we begin to lose the healthy fat tissue that gives skin its plump, voluminous quality.

As skin gets thinner, the blood vessels beneath the surface become visible, causing your complexion to appear uneven—especially around the eyes, where skin is already very thin to begin with. If you’re tired of looking tired, Colorescience offers even skin tone creams specially formulated to target the stubborn dark circles beneath eyes:

  • TOTAL EYE® 3-IN-1 RENEWAL THERAPY SPF 35 – Our award-winning treatment is clinically proven to deliver a rested, youthful appearance by improving uneven skin tone and signs of aging. The tinted formula immediately brightens the area around the eyes as the cooling applicator reduces puffiness for a rejuvenated look when you walk out the door. It also contains SPF 35 to protect environmental aggressors from accumulating more damage.

  • TOTAL EYE® CONCENTRATE KIT – For best results, pair your uneven skin tone cream with Colorescience’s eye treatment kit. This comprehensive solution contains our concentrated formula that effectively restores a long-lasting, refreshed appearance, as well as Hydrogel masks that deliver fast-acting results to look as though you got eight hours of sleep within 10 minutes’ time.


Even Skin Tone Cream for Redness

For those who struggle with a red, blotchy complexion there may be multiple underlying causes to their problem, such as rosacea or accumulated sun exposure. 

  • ALL CALM® CLINICAL REDNESS CORRECTOR SPF 50 – Use this cream to even skin tone and instantly neutralize the appearance of redness. Nourishing ingredients work to calm and smooth sensitive skin, and SPF 50 helps prevent the sun from exacerbating heat-related flare-ups. It also contains our patent-pending BioSolace™ complex for ongoing relief from sensitivity.

  • CALMING PERFECTOR FACE PRIMER SPF 20 – You can also add this uneven skin tone cream to your makeup routine to soothe irritation and correct redness. It comes in a universally nude shade and pairs perfectly beneath foundation, extending your makeup’s wear with every application.


How does uneven skin tone cream work on different complexions?

Even out skin tone creams work differently depending on the formula you choose. For example, our redness face cream is tinted to neutralize red, uneven complexions and contains a proprietary blend of specialty ingredients to provide ongoing relief from sensitivity.

Our brightening eye cream, on the other hand, is formulated with an advanced lightening complex that delivers immediate and long-lasting results, while preserving skin health with critical SPF protection.

To combat sunspots due to hyperpigmentation, Colorescience makes skin discoloration cream infused with iron oxide to enhance skin tone and diffuse uneven complexions.


What ingredients are used in a cream to even skin tone?

Some skincare treatments are made with harsh chemicals that can stain clothes, trigger allergic reactions, or cause skin to dry out and peel—but Colorescience products are always composed of gentle ingredients that are ideal for any skin type.

We believe in promoting skincare first, and think that enhancing skin’s health from the inside is equally important to improve its appearance on the outside. That’s why our products will never contain cheap fillers or harsh additives that can jeopardize overall vitality and well-being.

Colorescience offers creams to even skin tone that are made with all-natural ingredients to safely, but effectively, correct uneven complexions. Our products are designed for fast results in the present, but look toward the future with SPF protection to prevent discoloration from worsening.




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