Can Sunscreen Reverse Aging & Sun Damage?

We all know by now how important sunscreen is for protecting against skin cancer and the signs of aging, but can its abilities be taken a step further and claim to REVERSE aging? New research suggests this may be the case. We spend so much time and money on the latest anti-aging miracle creams and procedures, yet the key to a youthful complexion may be as simple as wearing SPF daily.

The Study

A new study from the Journal of Dermatologic Surgery shows that sunscreen not only protects your skin but can also reverse common signs of photo-aging, such as wrinkles and dark spots. The study, led by dermatologists Steven Wang and James Leyden showed improvements in skin tone, texture, and fine lines after a daily application of moisturizer with SPF 30 sun protection. Participants reported a 52% improvement in the appearance of sun spots, and 100% reported improvement in skin clarity and texture after one year (source).

How is this possible?

Dermatologist Steven Wang doesn’t have a definitive answer for the study’s results but offers this hypothesis. “The most plausible answer has to do with skin’s innate regenerative properties,” he explains. “We know that skin turns over every 28 days. By preventing the continual accumulation of more and more damage, we allow the skin to heal on its own.” Pretty amazing, right? All your skin needs is a little protection, and it may be able to repair those unsightly dark spots and wrinkles on its own!

White woman looking at herself in the mirror smiling and cupping her cheeks.

What sun protection should I wear?

The key to these findings is wearing sun protection daily—365 days a year, not just during the summer months or at the beach. At Colorescience® we offer sun protection in all steps of your skin care/beauty routine to ensure proper protection. Our Daily UV Protector™ SPF 30 is your first layer of protection offering non-greasy, skin-blurring coverage and antioxidants to help guard against environmental stressors, in addition to SPF protection. “Daily UV Protector is a must have for my morning routine. I love the fact that it protects my skin from the sun and it's tinted! On occasion, I've worn this as my foundation, and it stayed on all day. The whipped texture glides beautifully onto my skin,” says Colorescience customer, Briana.

To keep your skin protected and matte all day, our Sunforgettable® Brush-on Sunscreen SPF 50 acts as a finishing powder for on-the-go reapplication over makeup. “It’s so easy to use. Just remove the cap and make little circles. Even after reapplying, my makeup still looks as I want it. It helps with the shine and gives you a matte finish,” says Dr. Shari Topper, MD, DermPartners.

Black woman applying sunscreen on her arm at the beach.

For even more dramatic anti-aging results, our Even Up Clinical Pigment Perfector™ SPF 50 offers a high level of sun protection combined with brightening and correcting power. It’s clinically tested to diminish the appearance of discoloration and immediately blur brown spots. “I’m extremely impressed with Even Up. Instead of just having a sunscreen, they’ve made a product with additional active ingredients that combat hyperpigmentation and redness over time. I use it on a regular basis. I think it’s a great all-in-one,” says Dr. Dean Vistnes, MD, Vistnes Plastic Surgery.

If you didn’t have enough reason to wear sun protection daily, hopefully these new findings convince you to apply and reapply rain or shine, all 365 days of the year!