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Foundation For Sensitive Skin

People with delicate complexions deserve products that don’t cause irritation. Colorescience foundation for sensitive skin contains safe, organic ingredients that can create a healthier, glowing appearance. Ditch the cheap chemicals and the corresponding redness they cause in favor of sensitive skin foundation by Colorescience.



Is Mineral Makeup Good for Sensitive Skin?

Delicate complexions tend to respond well to mineral makeup, and for good reason: a mineral base provides coverage without introducing harsh chemicals. The natural ingredients contained in our foundation for sensitive skin are nourishing and provide a long-lasting finish, minus any inflammation. If you’re prone to discoloration and breakouts, our organic formula evens tone, conceals blemishes, and promotes healthy skin.

Colorescience offers a variety of mineral cosmetics and makeup for sensitive skin that can give you a radiant glow. We’re a company that believes in skin care first, so whether you need eye cream for sagging eyelids, a touch of lip gloss for a perfect pout, or a beautifying bronzer, you can count on all of our products to be made with wholesome ingredients. 

Don’t settle for cosmetics that cause chaos on your complexion. Choose the best makeup for sensitive skin and stay flawlessly free of irritation. From gentle formulas to powder foundation for oily skin, we make products catered to every unique complexion.


Can I Protect My Sensitive Skin Without Sunscreen Lotion?

You should always wear a product that protects your skin from the sun, but many sunscreens contain harmful chemicals that can cause irritation. Ingredients like PABA and fragrance can permeate the skin, cause inflammation, and clog pores. If you struggle with flare-ups, finding the right product to protect your skin can be tough.

That’s why we made sure to include SPF protection within our sensitive skin foundation. Defend yourself from the sun while perfecting your appearance at the same time! Looking glamorous and preserving your skin’s youth is made so much simpler with our foundation for sensitive skin. We made sure to create a fragrance-free sunscreen that is both gentle and safe to apply. Bye bye, greasy lotions—hello, Colorescience!


Shimmer and shine with mineral lip gloss colors

Enhance your lips’ natural beauty with Colorescience mineral lip gloss, available in five unique shades. If you’re tired of sticky glosses that overwhelm your natural look, it’s time to break up with your makeup and fall in love with our mineral lip gloss. Our formula creates a subtle sheen without feeling uncomfortable like other glosses—so you’re left feeling nothing but confident in your look, and your gloss. 

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