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We believe your makeup should help you achieve a radiant complexion without sacrificing the health of your skin. If you agree, check out our assortment of healthy foundation – they’re 2-in-1 cosmetics that double as skincare products. Find your shade and begin promoting your skin’s health while beautifying it at the same time.



What Types of Healthy Foundations does Colorescience Make?

Your skin type is unique, and so are you. With that in mind, we made sure to develop our line of healthy foundation to cater to each individual and provide you with options to suit your needs. Shop oily skin foundation to combat excessive shine or pick up foundation for sensitive skin to say goodbye to irritation. If you’re a fan of pressed compacts, we offer healthy foundation powder. For those that prefer loose powders instead, check out our all-natural mineral powder—complete with its own self-dispensing brush. Prefer liquid foundation? We have you covered there, too. Explore our line of healthy foundation makeup and choose the formula you favor most.


Does Your Foundation Contain SPF?

Of course! You should never walk out the door without SPF on. We made it that much easier by saving you a step and including broad spectrum UV protection in our collection of healthy foundation. For added protection against sun exposure, pair your makeup with our brush-on mineral sunscreen. Our formulas contain more than just mineral SPF; they deliver rich doses of vitamins and antioxidants to promote your skin’s vitality while concealing its imperfections. When you apply our fragrance-free mineral sunscreen, you won’t have to worry about harsh chemicals irritating your skin.


Can I Find Other Healthy Makeup by Colorescience?

Absolutely. The Colorescience collection of chemical free cosmetics includes bronzers and illuminators, too. Complete your healthy foundation with a few strokes of our advanced, peptide blend mascara and choose your favorite shade of lip gloss without toxins. Browse all Colorescience products and switch to makeup that keeps skincare in mind.

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