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Mineral Powder Sunscreen

Stand up against the sun without sacrificing your skin. By using mineral powder sunscreen from Colorescience, you receive all the benefits of SPF—minus the harmful effects of harsh chemicals. Our SPF mineral powders are naturally tinted to provide you with sheer coverage, while preserving and protecting your radiant complexion.



What Is Mineral Sunscreen?

Mineral sunscreen powder is sometimes called physical sunscreen because it sits on top of the skin to physically filter UVA and UVB light. Most often, the active ingredients in mineral sunscreen are zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, which have natural light-reflecting properties. Whereas chemical sunscreens work by absorbing UV rays and converting them into heat, all natural powder sunscreen acts like a mirror and refracts these harmful rays. Our mineral powder sunscreen SPF 30 offers as much protection as its chemical counterpart, but contains no adverse health effects. You can also find FSA sunscreen and save money by shopping with pre-taxed dollars.


Why Is Mineral Sunscreen Better?

Many people are unaware of the toxic chemicals found in traditional sunscreen formulas. Ingredients such as oxybenzone found in most conventional chemical sunscreens have shown to absorb into the skin. Once these foreign compounds enter the bloodstream, they unleash a variety of consequences, including disruptions to the endocrine system and hormonal regulation. Sunscreen mineral powder is the surest way to apply sunscreen chemical free. Choose an organic powder sunscreen for kids and shop all-natural sun protection that won’t clog pores or cause cellular damage. For more information about why you should choose mineral powder sunscreen over chemical, read our mineral vs chemical sunscreen page.


How Do I Apply Mineral Powder Sunscreen?

Some fear sunscreen mineral powder is messier than chemical lotions, but Colorescience alleviates this concern with our easy self-dispensing applicator. Simply move the applicator in circular motions to release the powder for effortless brush-on sunscreen throughout the day. You’ll save yourself from greasy, oily hands while also avoiding toxic ingredients. Remember to apply your sunscreen liberally 30 minutes prior to sun exposure to activate the product’s full potential— and don’t forget to spritz your mineral setting spray before walking out the door!

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