Brown Eyeshadow Palette

A brown eyeshadow palette is an essential in every makeup bag. From natural day-to-day looks that add a little shine to your brow line, to dark and dramatic hues for an evening out, the brown eyeshadow palette from Colorescience achieves it all. With five unique shades, you’ll find versatility and endless combinations all in one palette.
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How do you use an eyeshadow palette?

Every eyeshadow palette is unique in its own way. Our brown eyeshadow palette features five assorted shades of brown that can act as a base for your eyelids, accent your lash line, or even touch up your brows.

Check out these tips to start, and feel free to experiment with each shade until you discover your desired look:

  • After applying your primer and foundation, use a small, rounded brush to apply neutral shades and warm tones onto the hoods of your eyelids. 
  • Apply a thin line of deep brown eyeshadow to your lash line using an angled brush to fill and accentuate your lashes.
  • Bring brightness to your look by using an iridescent eyeshadow, like Champagne Shimmer, to highlight the inner corners of your eyes and beneath your brow line.
  • To create depth, apply the darkest color in your brown eyeshadow palette to the crease of your eyelid.
  • For dramatic smokey eyes, brush a deeper brown onto the outside edges of your eyelids. As you work your way in, gradually buff out the color to lighten the inner section of your lids. This will create a gradient that adds a stunning airbrushed look.
  • To layer your eyeshadows, you can apply a beige or bronze shade above the crease of your eyelids to add a touch of pigmentation and create a natural gradient. Then, use other colors to accent throughout.
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Do eyeshadow palettes expire?

Like all things natural, our non-toxic mineral eyeshadow palette isn’t eternal. As a general rule, it’s recommended that you replace your eyeshadows every six to twelve months, but our brown eyeshadow palette can last for up to two years.

To extend the life cycle of your palette, make sure to store it in a cool, dry place. Handle your palette gently to avoid cracking the compact powdered formula. 

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How to clean your eyeshadow palette

Cleaning your eyeshadow palette is important if you have sensitive skin, or if you’re swapping shades with others. Here are some easy steps to disinfect your eyeshadow palette:

  1. Gently wipe your palette with a tissue
  2. Dip a cotton round or swab into micellar water and clean off the excess powder from your palette
  3. Fill a small spray bottle with a diluted solution of 70% rubbing alcohol and water and spray over the top of each shadow to remove bacteria
  4. Repeat once a month or as needed

In addition to cleaning your palette, you should also take some time to disinfect your makeup brushes every 7-10 days. Simply rinse with a mild soap or shampoo and allow them to air dry completely before your next use. 

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Is eyeshadow easy to apply?

Our neutral brown eyeshadow palette is ideal for effortless application. Its neutral look allows you to highlight, blend, and brighten easily, whether you’re well-versed in makeup or not. 

To apply makeup using your neutral eyeshadow palette, start by selecting the color of your choice. Then, brush on your brown eyeshadow using the provided brush tool. Use the rounded brush for broader strokes and an angled brush to achieve sharp lines.

Besides being easy to apply, another reason Colorescience customers love this palette is for its versatility. Use this neutral eyeshadow palette to fill in your brows, accentuate your brow bone and cupid’s bow, and more.

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How do I use each shade in a brown eyeshadow palette?

Whether you’re dressing up for a night out or just want to enhance your everyday look, our brown eyeshadow palette is the perfect tool. Here are a few suggestions for using each neutral eyeshadow shade featured in our palette.

  • Neutral Apricot: Great for using as a base, apply above the crease of your eyelid.
  • Champagne Shimmer: Use to highlight your brow bone and inner corners of your eyelids.
  • Universal Blush: Apply to your cheeks, eyes, and lips to infuse color into your look.
  • Sun Kissed Bronze: Adds warmth to your eyes, cheeks, and nose.
  • Coffee Shimmer: Creates depth and drama when applied to your lash line.
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What color eyes look best with brown eyeshadow?

Brown eyeshadows look great on every eye color and act as a beautiful base for any number of color combinations. Pair with lip shine for a simple yet striking day-to-day look. 

Our brown eyeshadow palette includes a variety of stunning nude shades that have been carefully curated to flatter every skin tone and eye color. From shimmering champagnes to cappuccino-inspired tones, you really can’t go wrong with this collection.

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Are mineral eyeshadow palettes good for all skin types?

Yes, mineral makeup is suitable for all skin types, including oily skin. In fact, mineral makeup is considered the safest makeup solution because they absorb oils, act as a barrier against free radicals, and don’t seep into your pores.

When it’s time to wipe away your eyeshadow at the end of the day, you’ll find that mineral makeup formulas, like our brown eyeshadow palette, are easy to remove with a basic cleanser or a makeup-remover cloth.

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Does this palette provide SPF protection?

Yes, each color in our brown eyeshadow palette is formulated with titanium dioxide, making it a great choice for protecting your skin while also finishing off your look. Pair with our other SPF-centered essentials, like our color balm lip and cheek formula and our TOTAL PROTECTION™ COLLECTION.

On top of SPF protection, our mineral makeup formulas are specially curated with ingredients that nourish your skin. Here are a few reasons why our skincare and makeup solutions stand out from the crowd:

  • We use only 100% pure, natural minerals, antioxidants, and botanicals.
  • Our enhancers and skincare products always have and always will be physical, mineral protection. No chemicals here.
  • Colorescience products are formulated with potent, clinically-tested ingredients to maximize results for long-term skin health.

Try our brown and nude eyeshadow palette today and see how quickly it becomes a staple in your makeup routine. 



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