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Matte Foundation

If you want to control shine, erase oil, and pull off a smooth and sultry look, matte foundation is just what you need. Use the Colorescience Mattifying Perfector and Everything Matte makeup kit to enhance your look for a flawless photo-finish.



What is Matte Mineral Makeup?

Ever wonder how those starlets of the Golden Age of Hollywood achieved their silky, powdery skin? You weren’t being fooled by a soft-focus lens. These women mastered this iconic, retro look through the use of matte foundations. Today any foundation, lipstick, and eye shadow can be fortified with mattifying powders to create that glamorous look—minus the chemicals and fillers found in old-school cosmetics. Colorescience offers matte mineral foundation that’s both good for your skin and your red carpet appearance. Use healthy foundation makeup and keep your pores clear of toxins.


Does Matte Foundation Work for Every Skin Type?

If you want that signature look, you need to start with your canvas. Dehydrated, flaky skin might cause your makeup to crack and appear caked-on. On the other hand, oily skin can make products melt or shine. At Colorescience, we provide a matte foundation for dry skin and a matte foundation for oily skin to cater to your unique complexion. Whether you’re dry or oily, our makeup for sensitive skin will never worsen the condition of your complexion.


Is Matte Foundation Appropriate for all Makeup Looks?

If you’re looking for the natural, no-makeup look, matte mineral makeup will be your new best friend. The right matte finish can rid your skin of shine, smooth out your tone, and leave you with glowing skin sure to turn heads.

Colorescience offers matte foundations made with natural ingredients. Our makeup products are designed to be gentle on the skin, helping you cultivate a healthy glow without triggering breakouts. We offer matte mineral makeup with SPF to protect against the sun’s UV rays, keeping your skin healthy and happy.

Our Everything Matte makeup kit has all the tools you need to create cake-free flawlessness. It goes on smooth and lasts throughout the day with no fuss. Our matte foundations offer sun protection and are made with organic ingredients that keep you looking your best, day and night. Not into powder formulas? Our liquid foundation will create a glowing look with none of the grease. Restore and preserve your skin with matte foundation and use a Colorescience coupon code to unlock savings on your cosmetics.

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